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Have you pondered the meaning of life?
Have you spent time wondering,
“Why am I here?”
Who am I?

Do you wonder about your purpose?

I do!


My more mundane answer is:
I am a Child of God,
a retired educator,
a wife, sister, aunt, friend,
a mom of 2, Grammy to 7, and
great-grandmother (GG) to one with 2 on the way.

But I am much more than that!

Today I am a volunteer, working at the reception desk
at the Madison Valley Medical Center.
It’s a quiet Wednesday afternoon.
Not much activity for this “Purple Lady” to record.

Hopefully the absence of “customers”
means people are relatively healthy.
No need for a doctor or lab test right now.
So, what are YOU doing today?

I am pondering life’s meaning
and my place in this spot in the world.
I want to get beyond the mundane.

If you were to write a poem or essay
answering the questions,
“Who Am I? Why am I here?
What is my Purpose?
What would you say?

Here is mine for today
(tomorrow it may change…
I am a work in progress):


I am a woman who is continually growing, stretching, discovering.

I am living a contemplative life defined by the
expansion of my heart.   heart shaped red balloon

My way of acting is different from the world’s way. I am different.

black and green desk globe

I am witnessing to a different way of BEING in the world.

I strive to live in ways that demonstrate the:

  • potential for compassion
  • grace of presence
  • revelation in each moment
  • unconditional love described as Agape in His Word

My life is lived on the edges of the world’s fluctuating values.

It’s a challenging place to be.

I am open and transparent, tuned in daily to God’s newness –
– to God’s Love growing in me,
– to the Peace and Joy the Lord offers so freely.

heart shaped red balloon

I AM Jan Beekman.
aka  JanBeek

(“I am a stew – a mixture of many parts,” Thanks, CD!)


And who are YOU?

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  1. I ponder about things all the time, I hope some of it is reflected in my posts. I am a child of God, looking for clarity for what he has called me to do! Love reading your posts!

  2. This was a wonderful post! You are truly an accomplished woman – full of love for the Lord and others.💕

    • Thank you for your response. I am not sure I would define myself as “accomplished,” but I do enjoy the act of service. Thank you for your words of affirmation. <3

  3. What a great thing you do, volunteering in a medical center! Thanks for sharing a little of who you are!
    I am Renee. Daughter of the King. Prayer warrior. One who loves people for who they are inside. Mother of 2 girls. Nonna to 2 g-sons, 2 g-daughters. Friend. Sister. Wife. Lover of mysteries, reading, writing, word games, angels and most of all Jesus. 😄

    • Wow! Renee, what a beautiful response! Yours is the kind of answer bloggers dream of! You told me you (like me) are the “Daughter of the King, and a Prayer warrior.” You shared that you love ” people for who they are inside.” Me, too. You have two children, as I do… and 4 grandchildren. What a blessing, huh? Like me, you are a “Friend. Sister. Wife.” We share a love of “reading, writing, word games, angels and most of all Jesus.” No wonder I love hearing from you. Someday we need to meet face-to-face!! <3

  4. Wouldn’t that be awesome! It’s nice to share the same loves with other like-minded people! I also have a grand-baby on the way!

    • My great granddaughters (two of them) are due June 11th. When is your grandchild expected? Also, I have a granddaughter (Faith, who will be 23 on the 23rd of this month), who is getting married on July 20th. This is going to be a very exciting summer!

  5. Mine is due in November. I can’t wait! I know you’re just as excited! There’s just something about holding grand babies for the first time! They are a blessing!

  6. I am one who, although always thinking of others, has learned to consider himself as well

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