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Supporting One Another

Being supportive:
Folks who love one another
Just simply do that!

8 TOPS 5-3-19
These are my TOPS friends –
We meet weekly on Wednesdays,
Weigh and encourage.
We learn and we laugh
With drama in the weight room.
Yo-yoing is tough!

One week I am the
Biggest loser of the group;
Next week it’s back on!

This week Cherrie wore
The hat of great distiction
The hardest part is
Making those darn pounds stay off.
Encouragement helps!

Do you struggle with
Keeping your body perfect?
Seems like we all do!

But when I think of
Folks who cannot afford food,
I stop complaining!

person woman sitting old

There are many ways
To support One Another.
What is your best way?

Comments on: "Supporting One Another" (6)

  1. There are certainly many ways to support one another. Love, Caring, Sharing, Serving, Generosity and Paying it forward. Even a simple smile can brighten and lift someone’s day.

  2. I’ve done OK for most of my life, but my couple of years of knee surgery I’ve put on a tum. I’m hoping I’ll get it off when I can walk again

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