Loving One Another


flying people fly levitate

Bouncing in puddles

Singing on a rainy day

Storms cannot stop us


Waiting for sunshine

Can take a very long time

Don’t take a rain check


Weather every storm

Get up and put your shoes on

Puddles await you

boy jumping near grass at daytime

Photo by Luna Lovegood on Pexels.com

Comments on: "Raincheck" (9)

  1. The people suffering from the fires in California really need that cleansing rain!!!!


    • Yes, I pray for them to receive it. Here in Montana, we had a huge snowstorm yesterday, with travel advisories. I’m grateful we didn’t choose yesterday to head toward CA. Chrissy is headed off today. My prayers are with him for safe travel and with you for peace of mind. You’ve done the right thing by encouraging him… jump right in! We’re here to catch him! ❀

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      • Thank you again for taking him in for this new adventure in his life! I love you! And I, too, am glad you’re not driving on the roads in a snowstorm!

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  2. You are on a roll, my friend! I remember teaching my oldest grandson to dance in the rain with me…and my second grandson never misses a puddle to splash in! It’s the innocence of life that calls to us. I’m more inclined these days to listen…

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  3. Brilliantly beautiful! πŸ’–


  4. Beautiful ❀

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