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We Are Loved

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Rachel Mankowitz wrote on her Cricket pages in WordPress today… and her words touched my soul. She ended her post with this:

“On Friday nights at my synagogue we often exchange one of the traditional prayers (Ahavat Olam) for an alternative version, written by Rami Shapiro:

We are loved by an unending love.
We are embraced by arms that find us
even when we are hidden from ourselves.

We are touched by fingers that soothe us
even when we are too proud for soothing.
We are counseled by voices that guide us
even when we are too embittered to hear.
We are loved by an unending love.

We are supported by hands that uplift us
even in the midst of a fall.
We are urged on by eyes that meet us
even when we are too weak for meeting.
We are loved by an unending love.

Embraced, touched, soothed, and counseled

ours are the arms, the fingers, the voices;
ours are the hands, the eyes, the smiles;
We are loved by an unending love.

Even if we can’t envision God as the healer of our wounds, we have something more concrete to rely on: community. We have the power to see each other, and heal each other. Among all of the roles we can play in each other’s lives, this is one of my favorites.


I love the words to that traditional Jewish prayer. Oh, how they touched me! You need to go and read the whole of Rachel’s post!

Healer of the Broken Hearted


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  1. I think most of the world is like that. I really do. Its just the one out of xxxx that makes for sad and bad thoughts. Some of us are shy, some brave, some afraid. But we are all children of the same creator. Help each other.

    • That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? We are here to help and to love one another. Don’t you love that Jewish prayer? It really spoke to me.

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