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X = Xander

Day #24 in my A-Z series of “What Makes Me Happy?”




Xander-GG playing

He lives five minutes

Away from us in Ennis

I see him seldom

My heart aches for the happiness my great-grandson, Xander, brings into my life. I want to see him regularly, to be a positive influence on his life. But, it’s not my call. I can’t force it. All I can do is pray my granddaughter will see the light, accept my invitations, and bring him here more often (every six weeks or so just doesn’t do it). Keep my heart open. Keep inviting. Keep praying.


Join me in that prayer, will you?


You can see that Xander makes me happy.


Bob, my hubby, said, “X-ing.” Crossing is better than stagnation, he reasoned. “Keep moving forward in life,” he advised. Yes, wise forward X-ING brings happiness.

What’s your “X” word for happiness?

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  1. Jan he looks to be a wonderful little boy, and I can see the JOY he brings,its all in your face..
    I will send out my prayers to ask your prayers are answered. <3 🙏💖

  2. Thank you, Sue. I believe in the power of prayer.

  3. Such happiness between generations

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