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New Adventures!

We got a new truck!
Well, it’s not really brand new,
But it’s new to us.

Nolan Kemp, salesman
Did a great job at Kendall
Sold us our pickup

We named him “Charlie”
Because he’s “Charlie Blue” blue
We like Charlie lots!

Name your vehicles?
It’s a habit we started
With our ATV

We named her Lucille
Because she is red-headed
And she is a BALL!

We took Lucille up
High into Montana’s sky
Great times with our friends

We also took friends
In our lovely Clack-a-Craft
Fishing the rivers

Notice the trailer
And the help hooking things up
Those days are over

That’s why we sold them
The boat and the trailer, too
Traded the pickup

Don’t need something big
Don’t need a diesel engine
“Charlie’s” gas one’s fine

Without the boat and
Without the big pickup, too
We’ll rely on you!

When you’re heading out
To go fishing for a day
Let Bob ride along!

“Charlie” will give us
Many more years of great fun
They’ll just be different

TazE’s not with us
Crossed over the rainbow bridge
She’s gone – but not us

We’re hangin’ in there
Looking for new adventures
“Charlie” will show us!

It is a new day
Lots of opportunities
Waiting to explore

Travel in “Charlie”
Seeking out new excitement
Got some fresh ideas?


Love to ya,

Comments on: "New Adventures!" (17)

  1. Love the truck!

  2. You are so irrepressible XX

  3. Happy trails – in your new blue truck!

  4. Elaina Colby said:

    I really love that blue truck! It’s sporty and cute, just like you! You can write about your new adventures in it. What fun! Have you ever read any of the “Little Blue Truck” children’s books?

  5. That is a beautiful blue truck. I hope you get a lot of running out of Charlie!

  6. I had a little red Covair in my single days I called The puddle jumper. My husband bought an old pickup from a salvage yard that we used as a feeder truck. It had several different parts that had been replaced and were different colors. Hood, roof, side panel panels, all different colors from different old vehicles. They were red, white, and blue so of course we called it Old Glory!

  7. Beautiful truck!!!!

  8. Peter Martin said:

    Charlie will reliability last 300,000 to 400,000 miles. My 2984 Toyota SR5, lasted over 440,000 miles. When I donated it to the make a wish foundation, the truck driver of the car hauler asked me to help push it onto the trailer. I said why push it, I’ll drive it up. My 2001 tundra has 220,000 miles And is still going strong. Our 2022 highlander is probably our last vehicle.

    It’s a beautiful looking truck.

    • Thank you, Peter. Yes, we certainly expect it to outlast us!!

    • Thanks, Peter. I shared your comments with Bob. One of these days we need you to come visit … and teach us all the ins & outs about Charlie – like how to change a tire or how to set Sirius XM on the sound system!

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