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What’s in a Name?

Daily writing prompt
Where did your name come from?

Names are funny things
They help to define us
Our parents named us
Without a lot of fuss

Did they realize
When they made their choice
That the name they chose
Would give us a life-long voice?

My parents chose Janet
She was an actress superb
First female Academy Award Winner
My name is indeed a verb

Janet is a lady of action
The name means “God’s Gift”
It comes with a lotta ham
“Jan” is quite an audacious lift!

So, what’s in YOUR name?
Did your parents tell you why
They gave you the handle they did?
Does it make you bold or shy?

Mine gave me permission
To climb up on the stage
Janet Gaynor was her name
She was quite the rage!

(Back in 1939 that is! Hah!)

Tell me your name’s story.
Thanks for checking out
JanBeek today
Give your name’s sake a shout!!

Comments on: "What’s in a Name?" (60)

  1. It’s a beautiful name, Jan! I love the reasons behind the name, the poem,…and the name of Jesus! Many blessings and hugs to you both! 💛

    • Thank you for your response, Karla 👍🏽❤️ And what about you? Why Karla? And why shorten it to KL? Do you have a story?

      • You’re welcome, Jan! I’m not for sure why mom and dad chose Karla, but I know they love K names. My twin is Kristy! Had we been boys, Dad would’ve named us Keith and Kevin, he said. I chose K.L. as some authors use initials and my middle name is Lea. Growing up some would shorten my name by just saying KL (sounds like Kale when they say it fast tee hee) 💕❤️🥰

  2. My first name is “Kay”. I go by short version of my middle name…Susanne. You know me as “Sue”:) My namesake “Kay” was my mom’s cousin’s name. Fun post!

    • Thank you, Sue, for your response. I think I already wrote to you after reading this in another location. I’m on my phone now. Have a great day! 👍🏽❤️

  3. The description on the cup describes you perfectly! What a great name.
    My parents named me after the great preacher in Chicago, Dwight L. Moody. I was born right after WWII and many people asked them if they named me after the great General Dwight D. Eisenhour!! :>)

    • Thank you for your kind response, Dwight. You have that preacher’s love of sharing God’s love in you … and you do it in so many ways! Thanks for sharing your story. 👍🏽❤️

  4. Elaina Colby said:

    Oh yes, the cup describes you perfectly! For me, you will always me my “MomBee” of course. My naming caused an argument that led to a compromise which left me with a life long discussion topic about the spelling and pronunciation of my first name.
    I spell my name Elaina with an “a” to ensure a correct pronunciation. Elaine was the name of my great aunt who truly was a great woman. My mom wanted Elaine to be my middle name and dad wanted tge namesake so I ended up with Marie for the middle and Elainè for the first. Will the accent show here? We shall see! My first name means Shining star and Marie can mean “wished for child”. I was certainly fortunate to be given to my wonderful parents at birth.

    • What fun to know the history of your name! “Wished for”… boy howdy, your mom could certainly verify that! And yes, you ARE a shining star!!

  5. Jan, a terrific poem and I love the mug and all your attributes! My mother couldn’t decide on a name for me as none seemed to fit … I was premature and very tiny! My brother, then aged six, liked the name Annika and declared that was my name. My mother agreed. The ‘ika’ part of the name is the dimunitive form so it really means ‘Little Anna’! Goggling my name I see it states that: ‘ It represents grace and favor, inviting blessings and positive energy into one’s life. Individuals with the name Annie are believed to possess qualities such as compassion, tenderness, and generosity.’ Aww … that’s lovely and hope it is true!

  6. Jan, you are ‘God’s Gift”!!!

  7. Peter Martin said:

    You’ve lived the life both God and your parents intended when you were born.

  8. Anonymous said:

    I’m not sure about the significance behind my name. I have a younger brother named Tom. There you have it . . . Tom, Dick, but no Harry.

  9. My parents were pretty straight forward in naming their six children. I have a younger brother named Tom, but for some reason Tom and Dick seem to be missing Harry.

    • My community naming of children is unique. Names are given according to events, trees, area of birth and many other things happening in odd hours for example disaster.
      Give my children names as per situations. My first born’s name is Problema with a clear meaning of trouble. Then the second child’s name is Exile. This is when I was transfered to an Island where it’s difficult to see or communicate.

  10. Keep up with the good and informative post

  11. This was really good! I enjoyed it!

  12. My name which is “Aditya” means ‘The first ray of the sun’ in my mother tongue marathi in India.

  13. Such a beautiful name!!
    In Farsi and in Hindi we call Jan as dear ❤️

  14. It is evident that you have talent

    • Thank you so much! I try to use whatever gifts God has given me to point toward Him and His Amazing Grace! 🎶👍🏽❤️

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