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Open Hands

If your hands are full of “stuff” –
God can’t fill them anew.
Open your hands, my friends,
And let God renew you!

No need to decorate them
Or worry about their size
Just turn ’em over and
Ask for something wise

“Get wisdom;
get insight;
do not forget,
and do not turn away
from the words of my mouth… “
– Proverbs 4:5 

It is an understatement to say
that wisdom is a worthwhile pursuit.

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We’re never too old to learn
A thing or two each day
Open your hands and receive
God’s message – It won’t lead you astray
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In his book, Ever Faithful,
David Jeremiah was inspired
by Psalm 145:16
when He wrote
about hand gestures:

“Hand gestures can communicate
our innermost thoughts and emotions.
Clenched fists reveal anger.
White knuckles and trembling
are usually the result of fear and nervousness.
We close our hands around things
we want to hold on to
and open them to receive and give gifts.”

My friends, Ed and Maria, open their hands to receive each others love and close them around each other to hang on to the one they love. Bob & I do the same!

David Jeremiah went on in his devotional to say,
God’s generosity is described in Psalm 145:15

You open Your hand
and satisfy the desire
of every living thing.”

It might be the prayer
For a miracle to receive
Or could be something simple
You just have to believe

Believe that when you open
Your hands to receive gifts
God will fill them with wonders –
With gifts that your heart lifts

Open hands are a symbol
Of giving – giving our all
And knowing in the process
We’ll be standing tall

As a humble giver,
Know what you give comes back
And God knows your needs
He will fill your every lack

David Jeremiah went on to remind us,
“If we overlook God’s generosity,
or find ourselves in the midst
of a painful season,
it’s easy for a mindset
of scarcity to take over.
We become afraid of losing
what we have, and
our hearts’ stance becomes one of
grasping as we seek to control
our circumstances.”

Grasp all the love you can get
Then open your hands to give
It all away – every single bit
Because it’s refillable as long as you live

Bob’s hands are open to receive his “just desserts”!!
Are yours open, too?

I pray for your hands to be filled
Filled to overflowing
Filled with love to give away
Love that’s alive and showing!

God Bless you!
Have a “Open Handed Day!”
Will you?


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  1. My hands are open☺️, I like this.

  2. InspiritedLouis said:

    Thank you for your loving and Godly post. Today, I am learning patience. It seems that open hands shouldn’t grab!

    • Yes, in fact, open hands CAN’T grab! I pray every day for help with patience and 5 other “Fruits of the Spirit”: kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. None of those come naturally to me like love, joy, and peace do. I have to work on them with God’s help! Thank you for visiting JanBeek and taking time to comment. I appreciate you, Louis 👍🏽❤️

      • InspiritedLouis said:

        Your reply inspired me to pray. Best possible outcome! I am now a daily Jan Beek fan.

      • Bless you! You’re right … in prayer we can trust God to prosper us … because He only wants us to have our greatest good. I firmly believe that!

  3. Auch perceptive observation

  4. My hands are open 😞 I hope I fall in love with being alive 🥺

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