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Didja Miss Me?

I’ve been off screen, resting my eyes after cataract surgery.

First the right eye – cataracts removed and new lens inserted.

Then celebrated by enjoying dinner at Sweet Chili’s
and staying the night at C’mon Inn in Bozeman.
God is good. No pain involved 👌🏽❤️

Dilated pupil made vision blurry,
but I was assured this would be short-lived.
Give it time!

Then on Thursday Dr. Swan removed the cataracts on the left eye
and replaced that lens. It’s a simple procedure.
Once you’re in the operating room,
it only takes about 15 minutes.

Back home in Ennis, Montana,
snow and wind stopped,
but temperatures were below freezing.
So, it was a good time to just hunker down and relax.
Let the eyes heal –
and avoid reading, screen time,
and bright lights.
Tough assignment!

Enlarged pupil… weird!
Oh my… Wild Woman!!

That was yesterday – day # 1 after surgery.
Today the pupils look more normal, but my vision still is blurry –
and I’m s’posed to be patient as I allow healing ❤️‍🩹
And stay off screen time!

So good-bye for now.
I’m outta here!

Have you ever had this procedure done?
If so, what were your results?

I’ll catch up with your posts
on WordPress and FaceBook
when it’s safe to do so.

bee 🐝 well –
bee 🐝 happy.

God bless you!

My neighborhood deer are keeping me company.
So blessed to be living in God’s Country!

Bob says,
“Chase them away!
They’re munching on my trees!!”

Hey, they were here first!
We are invading their space.

Actually, life is pretty good.
I am counting my blessings. Are you?

Blessed to have Bob’s support and company.
Count your blessings, my friends.
I know you have lots for which to be grateful.

Love ya…
Sending hugs

Comments on: "Didja Miss Me?" (25)

  1. A week ago a relative had her cataract removed. She has to be careful for some more days till she can read. I am glad you are fine and Bob is there for you. Regards, Lakshmi

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  2. Glad to know you’re doing good now! Be well 💝 ~ Jay

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  3. Glad all is well

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  4. Wonderful to know your surgery went so well Jan.. and I am impressed, and reassured as I have the start of cataract in both eyes… And have to now limit time on PC.. Or my eyes go blurry…. But I am told they have to get to a certain point before they operate here in England… 🤷‍♀️
    I am thrilled for you… So loved the photos and poem and so do as your Dr ordered… REST…. and Heal.. ❤ ❤ Love your way xx

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  5. YES! I did miss you:) Loved the card and glad you got your card in time for the cataract surgery. Happy Sunday!

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  6. Glad all went well. It is a pretty smooth procedure. It made a big difference for me.

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  7. Michele James said:

    Praying for your swift recovery and patience. It must be hard to be off of screens! Enjoy the rest of your recovery, and I’m thinking of you.

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  8. So glad you are feeling well. God is so good to us. What a good God we serve. He provides all of our needs. So thankful He gave you Bob. You two are such a sweet couple. God bless you sweet Jan. Keep resting those eyes. Hugs!

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    • I have been trying to rest them, Donna. Got way behind in my blog reading and responding! Distance vision is clearing. Still blurry screen and need magnifying glass for Bible. Probably shouldn’t be trying this yet!!

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  9. Hi Jan,
    I hope you have a complete clear vision in no time.
    You live in such a beautiful area! So many blessings indeed!

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  10. Lena Pettit said:

    Glad both surgeries went well now all you have to do is drops and sleep with patches at night

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  11. Jan, it is good to see you healing from the removal of each cataract. Both of my parents successfully had theirs removed a few years ago. I’m probably several years away from following them. Take care and enjoy your healing respite.


  12. Glenda Boyd Scott said:

    Hello from Ohio… where the winter lingers on. It’s good to hear your surgery was simple and successful. I may be having the same this year. How’s Bob’s vision? It must be okay if he can still see the deer out there. Such a sweet couple… I love and adore you both. Glad you’re enjoying your retirement in Montana.

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    • Hello Glenda! How fun to hear from you! You’ve moved to Ohio? Snowy and cold there, too! Today we’re having a heat wave: 37 and sunny out there with no “w” – makes it feel lots warmer when there are not heavy gusts ready to blow us off the ridge! S’pose our snowdrifts will finally start to melt? They are ice mounds 3′ tall that have been here since November’s big storm!!


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