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Is it hard for you to ask for help?
Some people find it very difficult.
Some people feel like they are a burden.
They want to be self-sufficient.

Bob and I have learned
Self-sufficiency is harder as you age.
Asking for help is imperative,
Especially when you are stuck!!

That red dot out there is the back –
The back light of our car.
We high-centered in.a snow drift.
That’s about 50 yards out.

It is freezing out there – Brrr!
We walked home and left the car.
Brrrr… Help! We can’t do it –
Can’t dig ourselves out.

It’s not the first time
We needed help this week –
Not the first time this year.
What would we do alone??

Thank God for friends and neighbors.
Thank God for Bobcats & snow blowers
And friends who come to help.
We would be toast without them!

Tomorrow’s sunrise promises us
A better day – a chance to get out
A chance to go to church and thank God
For the HELP we receive from so many

Matthew 7:7

“Ask, and it will be given to you;
seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Do not be afraid to ask
Do not be too proud to admit
You need help – can’t do it all yourself
Let others help… and ask God for help, too!

No request is too small.

We reached out yestersay
We asked our friend, Joe, for help
He came and helped Bob
Unbury our snow fence

Earlier this month I reached out
And asked my friend, Susan P,
For help with my Christmas decorations
She came – we did it together – God bless her!

I couldn’t have done this without her!

May the Lord bless and keep you
May your neighbors and friends
Be the help you need when in distress
Don’t be afraid to cry out: HELP!!

There is no joy in aloneness
When you are craving assistance
People want to help you
They want to be asked. So do!

Do ask for HELP when you need it
Ask for HELP when you want it
You will be blessed and so will your helper
We all need to be needed!!

This is my adorable 10-year-old friend
Hailey helps to give me a sense of purpose
Each week she joins me in my sanctuary
We study scripture and read devotionals

I am so grateful for her and her mom
They let me know they needed something
In helping them, I am the one who is blessed
You, too, can be the helper as well as the one who’s helped

Reach out today and make someone’s life better
In the process, you will make your own richer, too.
Help is a two-way street – Don’t miss it!
God bless you, my dear WP friends… you help

You help by reading my blog and commenting
You help by posting your stories and inspiration
You never know just who needs what you write
You never know who you’re he[ping today!

Thanks for dropping by

Your “likes” and comments
lift my spirits.
I’m headed to go see your blog
right now, too.
Thanks for your

Comments on: "Help!!" (17)

  1. A very good point.

  2. Great post! I know it’s difficult for me to ask for help but am learning it is a must and my pride must take the back seat! Happy Christmas

  3. You’ve taught me this lesson a long time ago, Ma. I DO ask for help when I need it. Recently we had a 87 year old hotel guest arrive in the evening on our day off. We were down in Sierre so I asked a very nice man who lives nearby to pleeeeeease meet this nice lady at the bus stop and help her with her luggage and haul it up the stairs. I’m so glad he did!

  4. So true! I have always been an independant soul and hated asking for help but I have learned that there is no shame in it and that most people take pleasure and pride in being able to help you.
    Hailey looks like a special little angel. May she be blessed. 🌷

  5. As one who has spent most of his life being the helper it took me a while to realise that if we don’t accept help we are depriving the giver as well as ourselves. Hailey looks a Godsend

  6. Dana Pulliam said:

    Excellent advice! And what great good fortune for you and for Hailey to strengthen your friendship via your sanctuary!

  7. Pam Wiggins said:

    I was blessed to ask for help twice in the last week. Let’s be honest, many more times than just twice. But two stand out in particular.
    First one was when I went to a church function and ran into somebody there that had severely hurt me about a decade ago. Though I have forgiven her, the hurt she caused came rushing back and I went into a panic attack. I instantly picked up the phone and called a friend. She picked up another friend on her way to me and they sat with me and comforted me and made me feel strong again. It may have been the most perfect Christ like love I have ever witnessed.
    The second was much funnier but just as amazing and miraculous. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. with Away in a Manger stuck in my head. Problem was I couldn’t piece the verses together properly nor in the right order. I know all the words but I couldn’t get the stanzas in the right order. It was driving me insane and keeping me from falling back to sleep. So I prayed to find peace enough to sleep again and I did. Upon waking up this morning at a much more reasonable hour, I turned on my Sunday Christmas music and put it on shuffle. The first song that played happen to be Away in a Manger and I just knew God had played that to help me sort through the song and give my mind comfort and peace. I instantly stopped to pray and thank Him for seeing me.

    • God is so good! He hears us and answers our prayers – big & small! Thanks so much for your response! ❤️👍🏽❤️

  8. Jan, this post is a blessing to read. There will be moments (and snowdrifts) when we need an extra special hand of help. At the same time, we may be called to serve (help) others in time of need. Merry Christmas to you and Bob!

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