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Reblog # 9 – Embrace Joy

Reblogging from  my 2020 “Embrace” series… the word for today is JOY. Pass it around!


Want to be happy?
Just embrace contagious joy.
Hang with happy folks!

Find reasons to smile.
Folks will smile back at you.
Smiles are contagious!

Bee contagious!!

Psalm 144:15

“Happy are the people whose God is the LORD.”

The Good News:

God is the true source of
and wisdom.

Those who are in His favor
will always have these things.

Just as mopey people can pull you into the doldrums,
Happy People can lift your spirits and make you smile.
Happiness is a choice… choose it!
Beeeee Contagious!
Spread JOY!

See ya tomorrow (of course, God is willing)


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  1. Indeed ,happy are the people whose God is the lord✨God is our creator and he belongs to us in all ways 🙏😊nice appreciative post .

  2. Gosh. Was that really two years ago?

  3. 💛

  4. When people see our smiles, they just might wonder what we’ve been up to.

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