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Slow Down!

I’ve been telling myself – and you – to have faith,
To step out in faith and begin a new journey.
I’ve been telling myself to lean in and listen
To what God is whispering to me.

Well, He has been telling me to slow down.
“Stop and watch where you are going.
Slow down and move more intentionally.
Sit in the boat awhile – enjoy how life’s flowing.”

Looks like I did that for awhile, right?
But then I stepped on shore, running –
Flitting from one spot to the next,
I didn’t stop to just enjoy the sunning!

In April I fell and broke a finger.
In June I tripped and bruised my knee.
And yesterday I fell over backward –
Needed stitches to the head – Woe is me!!

Not a pretty sight!

I was dashing from garage to house
Carrying groceries in three sacks.
I couldn’t see my feet, so missed the step,
Lost my balance, and fell flat on my back!

My head hit the hitch on the trailer
And gashed my scalp an inch wide,
Two inches long – requiring 8 stitches-
More hurt than my head was my pride!

So the Lord said, “Third time’s the charm.
Be humble and listen to me please.
Be wise about what you carry and where you step –
People can die with falls like these!”

Okay, dear God, I got the message!
Slow down and watch where you walk!
Carry with your good hand, not your left…
Eyes open, steps secure, mind your own talk!

I’m sharing this advice with you, friends,
Because I hope you are wiser than I.
I hope you don’t have to have three mishaps
Before you heed the warning and comply!


My Daughter#2, Laina, sent me this poem
after hearing this morning
about what happened:

Oh my! Remember this?
About a year ago…
Walked into the closing hatchback on our car!!
Slow learner I am!

Yes, indeed!
I need to slow down and watch where I’m going…
How about you??

See ya tomorrow (God willing)


Comments on: "Slow Down!" (24)

  1. Praying for You Sister in Jesus-Yeshua Christ-Messiah Jan!! “PRay Without Ceasing ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV ) Amen!!

    Love <3 Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

    • Thank you, Kristi. I can use all the prayers I can get for God’s Grace, wisdom, and mercy! ❤️🙏🏽

  2. Sunny De said:

    Slow down, yes! You need to be in good shape for your trip to us next month!!!!! I neeeeeeed to see my Mom! 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰

  3. Oh my goodness, please slow down!! Hugs to you and swift recovery. How scary it must’ve been for you and your family. Falling is serious…I fell once, actually slipped on a mossy ross at a tidepool holding my 3 year old daughter. Got a goose egg on the side of my head and narrowly avoided a serious head injury. Boy, did that experience teach me to slow down and humbled me.
    Much love to you, Esther

  4. Yes yes yes. Slow down.

  5. Anonymous said:

    Sound advice. Your one-handed fishing reminds me of your wandering round our garden in the rain, one hand on the brolly, one clutching the camera – and such good results you got X

  6. Jackie Knight said:

    Oh Jan! Love to you and get healed soon. XXX

  7. Ouch Oh Jan….. Yes looks like the Universe it trying to get your attention… Look where you are going, slow down and take one step at a time….
    So, so, sorry Jan you are in the wars again my friend… I bet you and the Accident and Emergency are on first name basis… Trying to make you smile.. But that must have hurt…
    Sending you love and healing vibes dear Jan…. Please rest up and allow yourself time to heal.. <3 <3

  8. Hi Jan,
    oh no, sorry to see you got hurt again.
    I am glad that you realize the need to slow down. We all could use that warning.
    Breathe, slow down and be in the moment – all things that I need as well!!
    I am glad that you will bounce back in no time, wiser and more aware.
    Blessings to you!

  9. I am so sorry that you fell and hurt yourself. It is hard for us to change the way we do things and just slow down. We are so used to hurrying to get everything ‘done’. I am so very thankful that your fall didn’t hurt you even worse. We really must keep telling ourselves to slow down. Good word. Hugs Jan.

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