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Fun Time!

The lazy, sunny days of summer are here
They’re full of friends and play and cheer
Blogging takes a back seat these days
Company comes, but rarely stays

So, take the day and live it with joy
Go for a walk or ride out in your favorite toy
Raid your neighbor’s garden of fresh tomatoes
Barbecue tri-tip and bake some potatoes

Keep exercising that broken finger
Remember the stiffness – don’t let it linger
Make flexible progress every day
But don’t let the pain get in your way

Now is the time to dance and to laugh
Too soon these summer days will be past
The sun shines now – but the warmth won’t stay
Come on, Bob, let’s go out and play

I took a blogging break for almost a week
Celebrated birthdays and hiked near the creek
Then I took our TazE out for a run
What’ve you been doing to have some fun?

I may see you tomorrow….
Then again, I may be out having fun…
How about you?

Hugs to you,

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  1. Fill each day with fun and love and a bit of adventure!

  2. Splendid discography Jan. Happy summer. X

  3. Jan, I enjoyed the musical journey back in time, especially the 60s. Yesterday, we enjoyed blessed time with one of special granddaughters. Brunch was delicious, followed up with a bit of fun shopping time.

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