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Celebrate July!!

I have taken a week off from blogging…
time to enjoy company …
time to enjoy summer finally!

July is a month
Of special celebrations
First: Back on the road

Bob, TazE and I were invited to join our friends, Mike and Julie, on an ATV ride into the Gravelly Range.

Julie & Mike brought their
wonderful dog, Zeke.

The wildflowers were out in full bloom, and my friend, Susan Phillips, captured their beauty magnificently. What you see is the Madison Valley and the Sphinx in the Madison Range in the background. Impressive, huh?

Thank you, Susan, for letting me share some of your photos.

I captured some of the panoramic scenery. It was such a pretty day!

The fields of wild mustard and other wildflowers were breathtaking!
The fields are so green.
The cattle are happy grazers!
Bob & I thought this was a
beautiful place to stop for a lunch break.
That’s Bob holding TazE’s leash…
And Julie bending low in front.
She and Mike were our drivers…
and Caroline & CG were the trip organizers.
Caroline & Chuck-
dear friends!

Then, other dear friends, the Tillions,
came from California to spend a few days with us.

Ingrid & Alan Tillion

We went to our nearby tourist attraction,
Virginia City, and enjoyed time together there.
No time to blog… too busy being in the moment!

Ingrid & Alan almost missed the hailstorm –
but not quite! We got hammered!!

We went on the 4th to watch the parade from the comfort of our friends’, the Washburns, beautiful yard. They provided breakfast and lunch for an amazing group of their friends. We felt privileged to be included and to be invited to bring the Tillions with us.

Alan, Bob, Jan & Ingrid
Such a beautiful Independence Day!
The parade came right in front of our lovely, shaded area at the Washburns.
I loved the painted horse.
Back at home, we were treated to
our own neighborhood parade
with the Welna Family… too cute!

To continue our July celebrations,
we went with the Tillions to Bozeman
on July 5th, and we all enjoyed a
yummy brunch at Jam! (my favorite BZN brkfst)

Mmmmm… it was delicious!

We didn’t stop there… yesterday we invited our pastor, Rev. Mary Grace Reynolds, to come celebrate her birthday with us. So you can see why I have not blogged for a few days. It’s been a wonderful time of face-to-face with people who are dear to our hearts. No better way to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, MGR!!
We’re so happy you are a part of our lives!
You make us happier with your presence.

It’s good to be back on my blog.
I thank you for visiting and sharing time with us.
I hope you will share how you are celebrating July, too.

Happy Trails to You!

See ya again soon, I hope.
Have a beautiful rest of your week.
What will you be doing? Tell me…


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  1. Oh how wonderful Jan, so loved that you took time out to Be….
    And oh those views and flowers breathtakingly good.
    So pleased you’ve had such a great time…
    Much love and welcome back. šŸ’•šŸ’–šŸ’•

  2. I can see you had a most wonderful 4th. You have a wonderful support group of friends. The mountains are gorgeous this time of year. Your pastor looks very happy. A wonderful post!

  3. What beautiful countryside Jan. That was an amazing trip and what better than to spend the holiday with friends and family.

  4. Awesome! So happy you and Bob enjoyed so many wonderful times. Summer is the perfect setting, and the Madison Valley is filled with so much beauty.

    • Indeed! Thanks for visiting, {{{Richard}}} – next time you come to visit family in BZN, let me know. Maybe you can make that 40 mile trip along the beautiful Madison River canyon and come see us!!

      • We would enjoy such an opportunity. We will probably be headed to my wife’s family in Maryland next, but the Big Sky will definitely be on our minds.

  5. Elaina Colby said:

    What beautiful photos! Iā€™m so glad you have such a wonderful place to live and such good friends to enjoy! Iā€™m lucky I could join you via your blog and shared pictures.

  6. What great travel photos! Those blue flowers almost hurt my eyes! Thank you for sharing the fun and the love!

  7. Amen Jan <3

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