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The Urge to Purge

It’s the urge to purge
That attacked my head today
Will it go away?

As I entered my office
It attacked my brain

Looking at the mess
The urge to purge arrived
I’ve avoided it

It’s easy to see
Why the urge is in my head
Will it reach my hands?

Jesus had the urge
He quickly cleared the temple
The Bible tells us:

Going into the temple
He began to throw out everyone
who had set up shop,
selling everything and anything.
He said, “It’s written in scripture,
My house is a house of prayer;
You have turned it into a religious bazaar.”

Luke 19:45-46

In today’s Mornings With Jesus, Jeanette Levellie was reminded of all the stuff she took home from her grandma’s house when she was there helping her mom with the clutter (er – a – treasures!). She wrote,
“Whenever I’m tempted to want more than I need, I remember that ugly feeling of greed I experienced while cleaning Grandma’s house. I remind myself that God’s house – my heart – is meant for fellowship with Him.”

My office doesn’t look quite as bad as that picture above, but it certainly is full of stuff that represents “more than I need.” My spare bedroom has in it a lot of the stuff that we stored there while we were having our floors redone a couple of months ago. If I haven’t needed it by now, don’t you think it’s time to purge? Likewise, my office would feel a lot more inviting if I got rid of the stuff that clutters the countertops in there, too. Right?

Is this a topic I have shared before? I think so… And I avoided the urge then, just like I am trying t squelch it today!! It’s not just my heart that needs cleaning of any type of greed, it’s my brain that needs to be told that overload of stuff is squelching my creativity! And it will be a major headache for Bob & my kids if I should keel over tomorrow!

Do yourself a favor, Jan:

If the urge to purge
Seemed to attack you today
Let it convince you

Envision the space
With room for meaningful work
That feels lots better!

Thanks, Jesus, for the inspiration.
I need to let your example inspire me!

Do you have an urge to purge today?
Let’s work on that together!

See ya tomorrow (God willing)
I’ll give you a report!

Comments on: "The Urge to Purge" (14)

  1. Sunny De said:

    Just do it, Mom! Tell yourself to work in there 30 minutes per day until it’s done. Little by little! I have faith in you!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Your new floor should have helped ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, it helped move things out of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. But now the trouble is deciding what to do with the clutter of things put into the office and spare bedroom that I do not want to move back where they were. Not all is junk to be tossed – ah, decisions!!

  3. De’s idea of 30 minutes a day is great!!

  4. Elaina Colby said:

    Whatโ€™s in there? Can you categorize into boxes and bags like 1) toss it 2) recycle it 3) donate it (shelter, church, consignment) 4) put it where it belongs (like a book in the bookshelf and a bill or receipt in its file) etc.? Maybe your next 30 minute session can just be setting up your system?

  5. After being away for two months, I am slowly purging and organizing a bit at a time. We have a spare bedroom which is definitely in need of some TLC. Thank you Jan for sharing some timely motivation.

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