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Donkey Sunday

I met this donkey in England
while visiting Jackie & Derrick Knight!

Sermon Notes

Our message at church today was an interesting one.
Rev. Mary Grace Reynolds shared a story about a
clerical friend of hers who renamed Palm Sunday
“Donkey Sunday” because the palm leaves show up
in only some of the Gospels, but the donkey is in all four!

Power in Love

Royalty who rode donkeys
were considered a disgrace.
But the throng didn’t mind
How Jesus entered the place.

Power is a social contract.
It’s a constructed idea for us.
However it is not a given –
Except in the case of Jesus.

Christ Power is a given.
In the beginning was Light,
And the Light was God who
Came from darkness into sight.

Jesus Christ came from Light.
Through God all things were created.
Jesus was not just made…
He always was. And I’m elated!

Because He came, I know
That He will come again.
He has the power to save us all.
His power can save us from our sin.

Think about the presence
Of power in our lives.
When do you exercise it?
Control it, friends, ’til Christ arrives!

He entered Jerusalem on a donkey

The donkey is a symbol of humility.
The King of Kings came not to reign
Over the rulers of this earthly kingdom.
He came in love to display His own domain.

His kingdom is not on earth.
Instead, it is in eternity…
The place He has reserved
For believers like you and me.

Today might be called “Donkey Sunday.”
It is the day Christ rode to town
On the back of this lowly animal.
Praise God, His Son came down!

Power was His –
But He exchanged it
For humility and love
And expressed it with compassion.

Happy Donkey Week, my friends.
May the Power of the Holy Spirit
Be expressed in you
Through Love and Humility.

Our pastor,
Mary Grace Reynolds,
with me.

Thanks for your message, Rev. Reynolds.
I pray my sermon notes did it justice.

Have blessed Holy Week, my friends.

See ya tomorrow (God willing)

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  1. A very interesting post! Your pastor has a great sense of humor!

  2. And I love that old hymn.

    • I do, too. Oh, and btw, once you shared your real name and why you created Paolsore as a blog name. Will you share that link with me so I can refresh my memory?

      • while my hand is out of order it is very hard to wander easily through my blogs. but if you email me i will possibly be able to anxwer more specific questions. my ipad will get siri to do the writing. siri doesn’t work on my desk top

  3. I love this! Happy Donkey week, Jan. Our Savior, so humbled as a man,…I just love him. Have a blessed week! 💛❤️💕

    • Yes, He gave us humility as one of the fruits of the spirit, too. I ask for help with it every morning. His modeling of it is such an inspiration, isn’t it? ❤️🙏🏽

  4. Anonymous said:

    A paean for humility. I’m pleased to see one of ‘our’ donkeys

    • I love those humble creatures! How are you feeling today, Derrick? I’m sending hugs to you & Jackie. Hope you’re feeling MUCH better! 🤗🤗

  5. Wonderful to catch up to this Sunday worship post. There is a reason for the humble donkey to show up in each of the Gospels. Your verses capture the blessed essence of Rev. Reynolds’ message. Peace be with you Jan.

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