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The word for today:

The question for today:
FOCUS on what?

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You know where I am going with this.
You know that I begin each morning in my sanctuary
where I focus on scripture, devotionals, and my angels.

I have a collection of these wonderful angels.
Most were given to me as gifts from dear friends.
Each has a story to tell – each reminds me of someone special.
Some have wings, others do not. I focus on their message.
“Lift someone up today.”
“Let the Chains of Love bind you to others.”

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It was my first devo today that caused me
to choose the word FOCUS as my focus.

Then each scripture I read –
and each of the other devotionals
seemed to reinforce those thoughts
until I got to the last one for the morning.
It was in a book titled,
Ever Faithful” by David Jeremiah.

And what do you think the title for today is?
“Clouded Vision”

And the scripture for today?

1 Peter 3:8

Finally, all of you,
be of one mind,
having compassion for one another,
love as brothers,
be tenderhearted,
be courteous.”

The story accompanying the title and scripture could not have been more perfect!
(Thank you, David Jeremiah, for this!)

Be Thou my vision, O Lord of Heart!
Music that calms the soul…

Have a great weekend, my friends.
I am off to clean my windows.
I need to see the world around me more clearly.
How about you?

What’re you focused on today?

Comments on: "Focus!" (11)

  1. Dana Pulliam said:

    I really like the clean windows story! Not enough to actually clean my windows, but I do try not to judge my neighbors! 😊

  2. Nice! The Willow figures are very special.

    • I love those Willow angels. Each is so expressive! Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like ‘em, too. 🥰

  3. Anonymous said:

    Great window washing story

  4. A great post and a good word of wisdom, Jan. We sang Be Thou Our Vision at our church this morning also!

  5. Love this, and love the reminder to focus!!

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