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Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I was five years old
in 1944
when this movie was made
and this song became popular.
(Yup, I’m that seasoned!)

Later Tiny Tim sang it –
With his insane falsetto!
And then Paul Anka crooned the tune.
I like the original the best.
Maybe it’s just nostalgia at work.
Maybe it’s Hedy Lamarr’s dancing?
Did you recognize her?

How about you?
Will you tiptoe through the tulips today?

It was the year Bob & I were married (1962) when Tiny Tim emerged on the scene with this same song.
Check out the cigarettes, the rolling eyes, and other responses that would never fly in today’s world.

Real signs of spring
A beautiful gift of love
From my heart to yours

Tiptoe together
Through the fields of sweet tulips
Or just enjoy them

Here’s my bouquet
on our living room table.
I love tulips!

Oh, and just in case you wanted to hear more of Tiny Tim (I know those of you who heard him for the first time wondered about his TV debut performance and how he was “discovered.”) Sure you did!!
Here it is… the way he was introduced to the world on Laugh In:

Ah, how times have changed. Joking about burning draft cards and gender identity and other items that got a laugh back then would raise more than a few eyebrows today, don’t you think? Tiny Tim’s story of enduring ridicule – and a mother who wanted to have him evaluated at a mental hospital – and then eventually rising above the fray is one you may not have heard before. Check it out if you’re interested. His was an amazing career:

Have a beautiful, tulip-filled Sunday.
See ya tomorrow (God willing)


Comments on: "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" (6)

  1. An interesting post Jan, I rememeber Tiny Tim and his song. It was very unique!

  2. We chuckled over this. I was just 2 in 1944 so I don’t remember the original Tulips, but I do remember 1962 🙂

    • Tiny Tim was quite a phenomena! I can only imagine how I might have responded had he been my son! I was much more narrow minded back in ‘62!!

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    I used to love watching Laugh In! And I love Tulips too!

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