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The Power of Music

Bee my little Honey
And Love me all the time!

Music speaks of love to my heart!

Recently Gottfried (Banter Republic) wrote about the power of music.
He reminded me of a most unforgettable experience
I had back in the ‘60s when I was majoring in music therapy
at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

My counselor, Wilhelmina Harbert, conducted a clinic for children every weekend. I attended and assisted her. One of our attendees was a 5 year old named Jimmy. Jimmy was a puzzle. He had never spoken a word. The doctors were unable to determine the cause. He could grunt and squeal, laugh and cry audibly, so we knew vocalization was possible. But, he didn’t talk. He was cute as a button and I loved him dearly. He loved me, too. I could tell —- he gave me big hugs when he came into our workshop each weekend.

One Saturday morning I was sitting on the floor with Jimmy in my lap. we were in a circle with other students and children. Mrs. Harbert was playing a silly, rhythmic, nonsense song. The words were repetitive. “Hos-po-di-po-miel-wi” 🎵 “Hospodipomielwi” 🎶 Joyfully, over and over I sang along with the others in the circle. Jimmy clapped along.

Mrs. Harbert played on.

I bounced Jimmy on my lap. I laughed.
I continued singing.
A little girl, next to us, MaryJane – who had cerebral palsy –
turned to Jimmy and sang close to his ear.

Suddenly Jimmy started to sing, too.
🎶 “Hos-po-di-po-miel-wi!!”🎶
“Hospodipomielwi” 🎵

Music unlocked whatever gate was locked to Jimmy’s words!!

I cried as we continued to sing. I hugged that little boy so tightly that he stopped singing and laughed! I’ll never forget that moment! Then he resumed singing :o)

A year later when I saw Jimmy with his mom in the grocery store, she stopped me and said, “ Oh, Jan, it’s so good to see you. I don’t know if I should thank you or not. A year ago I prayed daily for Jimmy to talk. And now I can’t get him to shut up!”

We laughed. I gave her and Jimmy a hug. “It wasn’t me,” I explained. “Thank the Lord. Thank the gift of prayer and friendship. Thank music! It performs miracles!”

Hugs + Friendship + Music = Miracles

Thank you, Gottfried, for encouraging me to tell my story.
Yes, music changes lives!
Thank you for recognizing its power.

Thanks, friends, for joining JanBeek today.
Come again soon.
And sing along with Susie Q and me!

You don’t have to be a senior to sing along to these oldies –
You just needed a dad or mom or grandma or grandpa who sang to you!

Sing Along!
Feel the Power of Music

Lift Your Soul!

Comments on: "The Power of Music" (14)

  1. How beautiful! Indeed music is a great healer and comfort. It’s amazing when I am in need of guidance and understanding I can listen to pandora or a radio station and I hear the words my soul desperately needs. Amen!!! Thank you for being a blessing to me but also to all the people with whom you have crossed paths with. 💗💐💐💗💗💐💐💗💗💐💐💗

  2. Music is indeed a powerful conduit and healer. Thank you for sharing your love of it with me. It has made me the person I am today!

  3. What a beautiful story, Jan! Music worked a miracle for Jimmy 🎶! Music was such a vital part of my life growing up. It’s healing, comforting, uplifting, …it indeed “unlocks” parts of us that may otherwise stay locked! Thank you for sharing! I just love your testimony and sweet soul! 🎶🎶💛✨❤️🙏🏻

    • Thank you, Karla, for reading my story and taking time to respond. Have a Terrific Tuesday 👍🏽❤️

      • You’re welcome, Jan! It was a beautiful day. I was busy writing when a friend showed up to steal me away. God was in it. I needed it! And we went to Hobby Lobby and dined together. We prayed and giggled. It was so wonderful. I hope yours was terrific too! ♥️🤗💛

      • How fun to spend a day with a friend enjoying shopping and dining together ✌🏽🥰 I love it! I just returned from the nursing home where I had 7 residents joining me in a Bible Study. It was a great way to end the day.

      • Jan, that is so wonderful!! I couldn’t think of better time than visiting the nursing home. When I taught I visited the nursing homes with my students. When both of my grandmothers were placed in one, my Momma and my twin and I would go and sing hymns with all of them. There’s nothing better is there? Have a beautiful day precious lady! God bless you!!!💚❤💛

      • No better feeling than sharing the Lord and His word with these sweet people!!

  4. Hi Jan,
    What a great story! God can heal through music, and sends us the words and melody our soul is in need of.

  5. Beautiful inspiration my Friend. Music is that great Healer that can bring people together in love, Peace, and happiness. Our World needs it more than ever. Thank you.

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