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Embrace Borrowing

Today I read a story that so inspired me that I borrowed it. I hope Alicia Bruxvoort doesn’t mind!

I posted a link to it on my FB page and I am embedding it here for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Do take time to read it. You will be glad you did… and then put on your Jesus glasses and see the world, your life, and others through the eyes of love and grace!

Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your writing talent and your faith with us.
God bless you!

Picking up on that theme of “Jesus, I Wanna See What You See,”
I decided to check out You.Tube for “Seeing Through God’s Eyes.”

Look at what I found…
this is an amazing video –
Guaranteed to help you apply
the ideas Alicia shared in her story!

Yes, as Alicia concluded,
“We can just see better when we borrow our Father’s eyes.”

As you embrace borrowing,
what have you read or seen or heard lately
that you can pass along to inspire others?

Hope you’re having a beautiful Thursday.
See ya tomorrow…


Comments on: "Embrace Borrowing" (7)

  1. Jan, thanks so much for sharing Alicia’s post. We definitely see the world with a whole new perspective through the Lord’s eyes.

  2. An uplifting post from Alicia – and from you, of course 🙂

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Very uplifting post and great reminder. I’d watched that video before but it was good to watch again.

    • I had not seen that video before. I’m glad you liked it enough to do a repeat! Such a good message!! <3 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Laina. <3 I send my love <3

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