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Embrace Blessings

Video by my friend, Caroline Feldman.
We were looking at this blessed sunrise together this morning.

When God starts your day with this kind of a blessing,
how can your day go wrong?

TRUST in His blessings!

You just gotta smile, right?

This is the day that the Lord has made,
I will reJOYce and be glad in it!

Go ahead, click the arrow again!
Sing along! You can’t help but smile as you do!

How have you felt God’s blessings in your life this day?

Let me hear from you!

See ya in my prayers…
Love, JanBeek

Comments on: "Embrace Blessings" (12)

  1. Gorgeous!!! Have an amazing weekend, my dear parents! I love you! 😘🌺✨🌲💐🌷🌸☺️😘

  2. Beautiful post Jan. Your cute children’s song took me right on back.

    • Yes, {{{Dwight}}} – it took me back, too. I love those children’s praise songs that I learned as a child and passed on to my children. Now it’s time to pass them on to my blogging friends. Some of them were not so fortunate to have them as part of their childhood … and it’s never too late to be blessed by them! <3

  3. Elaina Colby said:

    Breathtaking sky! Gorgeous! How have I felt God‘s blessings today so far? Here are just a few things:
    1) Being able to “sleep in“ and then walk 10 steps to work in my pajamas. 2) Having my Keurig machine right next to my desk so I don’t even need to get up for coffee 3) Hearing the birdies tweet and sing outside my window; happy that I put new food in their feeders 4) Having a fluffy kitty blanket to sit on my lap and warm me up 5) Knowing my family and friends are healthy and safe
    6) Having a good job
    7) Having a nice house
    8) Having wonderful loved ones and friends in my life
    I could probably go on and on because God is so good!

    • You said it, {{{LainaLainaLaina}}} – “God is so good!” I am grateful for all your blessings – and for ours, too. Thank you for responding. I love you bunches!! <3

  4. This is an eclectic assortment of uplifting sights and sounds. It surely brightened my day and inspired me to worship even more. Thank you.

    • I am so happy to know I inspired you with my blog to “worship even more.” That’s good news. Our God is an awesome God. Have an awesome weekend, {{{Grace}}} <3

  5. Lovely – even when the day is gloomy, like today, here, it is a blessing

    • Yes, every day we rise on this side of the grass, it is a blessing indeed! Thanks, Derrick, for your faithful responses to JanBeek. You make my day! <3

  6. Wow! I really enjoyed a brilliant dawn sunrise. Winter here in Ohio is filled with far too many gray, overcast days so we fall over ourselves when we can embrace the sunshine in the middle of January.

    • Our sky is mostly gray today too, {{{Richard}}} – but I love the baby blue that peaks through. Embrace the brilliance of sun peaking through! <3 Have great weekend <3

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