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Do You Journal?

Do you journal?
Do you write most days –
Only here on WordPress?
Do you write in other ways?

Journaling on WordPress
Is a great opportunity,
But I might not say
All that occurs to me.

My journal from Marcie & Monica

I have a wonderful journal –
A gift from two good friends.
They gave it to me last year
Knowing my journaling never ends.

Today I wrote an entry
About how November’s end –
And how Christmas is coming
Right around the next bend.

But, I don’t want to squander
All the lesson November brought,
So I recalled all the Take-Aways
Each November devotion brought:

Which of those take-aways
Speaks to your heart today?
Which will you carry with you
As you travel on your way?

Each day I read the message
And in a word or five,
I take the thought I need
This day to live and thrive.

I invite you to also journal
If it isn’t already a habit.
Find a booklet that fits your taste
Then think your thoughts and grab it!

Grab that booklet daily
To augment the things you say
On WordPress to your friends here.
Your grandkids will love it some day!

This is another of my journals

Do you journal?
Do you write most days –
Only here on WordPress?
Do you write in other ways?

Journaling can be very therapeutic.
It can get things off your chest.
Then you can refer back to it.
It can be comforting at best!

If you don’t journal in a booklet,
Try it, my friends, start today.
You may discover, as I did,
It’s a place to finish your “say!”

Reading your journal later
Is like looking in a rear view mirror.
It helps you see what was
And makes today seem clearer.

Try it! You’ll like it!!

Bye for now.
See ya tomorrow.
Hugs from JanBeek

This song by Roy Clark tells us, “I never stopped to think what life was all about…”
Well, I find that journaling helps me to that as I can recall “Yesterday When I Was Young” by looking back…

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  1. Dear Jan, your light spirit brightened me today. Yes, I journal, here, there and everywhere. I do keep journal books, but also paper napkins, and emailing myself … may God continue to lift you as your smile lifts others.

  2. Although I don’t journal, I am a frequent writer. My writing varies: book summaries, Bible lessons, teacher’s guides and participant handouts for classes, job/role descriptions, process documentation, research/white papers, summaries of classes that I take, leadership tips and tools, discussion guides. The closest I come to journaling is that I have a log of selected memories from early childhood to now. It’s only about 11 pages and I’m old, so compared to a real journal, it is quite skimpy.

    • Well, Grace, you certainly do a lot of writing. As you age, the need for guides, research papers, and process documentations will lessen – and you will find more time and satisfaction in picking up that log of memories to add to it. Of that I am sure! <3

  3. I also do journal which is a prayer journal, a lovely post

  4. My blog is my journal

  5. Your encouragement to continue journaling is a blessed gift. While my two journals are not as well organized as yours, they are written in each day. The Roy Clark song is one of my favorites. May the Advent season fill you with hope, peace, joy, and love.

  6. Elaina Colby said:

    I’ve tried to keep a diary or journal or some written record of my day but it I’ve never been successful. I’ll do well for a week or two and then I’ll go months without updating it. Daily devotions is definitely a good way to develop a habit of documenting daily thoughts. Someday I may be able to develop that habit. But you asked if we journal in other ways and the answer is yes! I have a half of a decade of conversations held daily with my BFF DeAna in WhatsApp! And yes I frequently back it up!

    • Hah! I never thought of What’sApp as a journal, but you’re right… backing those up and rereading every now and then certainly gives you a sense of what was. <3

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