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Keeping Awake

Here is
Rev. Steve Hundley’s sermon
as recorded through the
poetic listening ears
of Jan Beekman
at Madison Valley Presbyterian Church
Ennis, Montana
Based on this scripture:
Mark 13:24-37

Steve Hundley and Jim Forsberg provided the music today, too.

Keeping Awake

Advent season begins today.
It was 2020 years ago
When the star shone bright
And shed its light on the baby below.

We must always be ready
For His return; don’t know when
He will come to take us
Home with Him. ‘Til then…

We can’t expect to be alert
Every second of every day.
God does expect us to rest.
“Keep awake 24-7” He did not say!

But in several scripture passages,
It does warn us, “Keep Awake!”
Be ready for the Master’s return.
We pray, “Thy Kingdom come,” for Heaven’s sake.

We can’t stay on tiptoe forever
Without the muscles starting to ache.
We can’t keep our eyes always open;
Expecting to do so is a mistake.

God’s not telling us to forego
The rest He knows we need.
He’s just telling us to always care
About His return – Show it with each deed.
<3 <3 <3
“Bee” ready for His coming!

Don’t say goodbye to Thanksgiving too soon!
Keep that Attitude of Gratitude in your heart every day!
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  1. Cute photo of you, ma! 😘💖😘💖 have a fabulous week! I love you! 🥰💖

    • Thank you, DeDe. I appreciate your time to read my blog and comment. Helps me know I’m not just blowing hot air into cyberspace! Love you, Sweetheart! <3 Have a great first week of December. Time is flying so fast… even in this pandemic year!

      • My pleasure, momma! And thank you! I’m just sitting here waiting for dinner customers. I just saved the evening for one guy. I’ll take it! 😊

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