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The Wind Whispers

The autumn wind whispers truth!
Tune in your ear and hear!
Hear the wind whisper love.
Hear with your loving ear.

Photo by Melanie Wupperman on Pexels.com

Sometimes the autumn wind howls.
It shouts Truth to the resistant.
It insists that you tune in and hear –
Hear the wind; it is persistent!

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

And like the wind, we whisper
The Truth we know is true,
And hope the hearers believe
Our words – and take the clue.

We don’t resort to shouting.
It turns hearers off, for sure.
Just keep persisting, like the wind –
With gentle words – and pure.

Photo by Jane Pham on Pexels.com

Like the wind, blow steadily
Upon the troubled ear,
And pray that they receive
The messages so dear.

For troubles need a voice
And a hearer who receives
The message of disturbance,
And readily perceives.

Photo by Mati Mango on Pexels.com

What troubles blow today
Upon your listening ear?
Are they from within, or
From someone who’s near?

Whate’re their source,
Let the Truth be known.
And with steady breeze,
Let Love’s Truth be shown.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on Pexels.com

Love One Another!
Let the autumn breeze calm you –
Then blow that love to others.

God bless you!
See ya later.

P.S. Here’s an “oldie but goodie”
from the ’70s
that’s a favorite love song of mine:

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  1. A welcome post

  2. Persistent, steady, and gentle~beautiful words of truth. And perfect song choice Ms. Jan! Bee blessed! 💚

  3. Jan, this poem speaks with so much truth. May we always listen to both our inner soul as well as our Father. His Word reaches out just like the whispers of autumn’s gentle breeze. I enjoyed the personification, well done!

  4. Beautifully written!

  5. Wonderful poem ❤️😊

  6. Such a beautiful poem, so loved it and the images also Jan <3

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