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Susan Hardwick & Phyllis Wasick

In March Susan got to visit
With Phyllis, our dear sister,
Before our dear friend’s life
Ended on earth. Oh how we missed her!

Tomorrow we’ll remember
Stories of Phyllis’ life
And share them with each other.
She was a loving wife.

Her husband died too young,
Over thirty years past.
Phyllis made his ring a heart
And wore the love that last.

The heart hung ’round her neck
All these many years –
She willed it to her Yana
Through memories and tears.

How many of us have
A memory to share
Of a loved one gone too soon
To their heavenly home up there?

If life is lived so fully
That when time comes, we are ready,
It’s easier to say good-bye.
Live your life with grace. Be steady!

Be loving and kind-hearted.
Be compassionate to those you meet.
Then, like my good friend, Phyllis,
Your friends’ memories all will be sweet.

Her children know the treasure
Of a mom whose love was always true.
She shared her life with God and friends.
I hope there is a friend like her for YOU!

Keep your memories of friends
Alive and smiling in your heart.
Make memories others will treasure.
Today’s a perfect day to start.

Rest in peace, dear Phyllis.
I’ll love you forever!

Phyllis was a grown up who did not “act more like children than children”
She was one of those people who needed people… just as I am.
We are/were “the luckiest people in the world!”
We each have (had) the person who made us whole…
… thank God for that “very special person.”

Share your memories of a loved one with me.
I’d love to read some of your thoughts on this subject
in the comments below.

Comments on: "Memories" (12)

  1. I adored my Grampa D…..his hugs were the squishiest! I remember him singing “She’s got freckles on her butt! She’s purty!” πŸ˜„

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  2. My Gran was my favorite person. Never known a soul so pure.
    Gone too soon.
    I miss her terribly, that’s for sure.

    Nice to meet you dear😊

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  3. Jan, I frequently think of my mother-in-law who left us a few years ago. She spent nearly her entire life on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but she vividly remembered her short time living near St. Onge, South Dakota. She was amazed to see how a winter blizzard built a snow lean-to next to the house, all the way up toward her bedroom window.

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  4. Beautifully written Jan! ❀️
    I miss every now and then my father

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