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This place is the best for me.
I love living in Montana.
After watching that video,
Can you understand?

There’s no place like Montana,
But Switzerland comes real close.
Both have beautiful mountain majesty!
I love visiting our family in Valais.

What places do you love?
Where do you like to visit in this world?
My grandson shared the following pictures today.
Italy’s one of my other favorite places.

Mike and his girlfriend, Tania,
Are vacationing in Italy this week.
They are enjoying great days in the sun,
Hiking, shopping, swimming, loving it!

Mike & Tania – such a cute couple!
Tania on a shopping trip in Italy
Tania – out for a swim – beautiful young lady, huh?
They have a great view from their balcony.

Meanwhile, back in Switzerland,
my middle grandson, Nick,
is out for a hike with his girlfriend, Celine.

So good to see Nick & Celine so happy!
What a place to hike, huh? That’s Nicky out there!
It’s hard to beat Swiss scenes like this!

Back in Sierre, Switzerland,
our daughter, DeAna,
is enjoying an afternoon
with my youngest grandson, Chris

De and Chris in Sierre, Switzerland
This could be their hiking path.

Not to be outdone, our son, Ty, is enjoying life, too.
He and his oldest son, Sam, are relaxing
in the high Sierra-Nevada mountains.
This is the view Ty sent me today:

Ty’s view from his hammock

Ah, summertime, and the livin’ is easy…
Fish are jumpin’ and the mountains are high.
On this lazy summer Sunday, what are YOU doing?
I’m gonna post my sermon notes from this mornings message.

Then I’m gonna go enjoy the lovely outdoors, too.
What are you doing this beautiful Sunday afternoon?
Go out and appreciate the beauty around you,
And remember to thank the Lord for His handiwork.

Tell me about your day… what did you do?
If you could put yourself into one of those photos today,
Which place would be best for you?
I’m wishing this pandemic was over so I could go to one of them!

But, life is good… I’m not complaining.
Thank God for the internet and for kids who care –
Care enough to include Grammy & Grampy
In their adventures today. Oh, how I love ’em!

See ya later.
Thanks for visiting.
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  1. Ah, summertime! Such a beautiful family and such excellent pictures! I hope, you don’t mind, if I reblog this! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    Ah, summertime! Such a beautiful family and such excellent pictures!

  3. Beautiful pics!!!! 💙

  4. Gorgeous photos of your family Jan. We took it a bit simpler with a walk in the local park, a nice long drive in the country, stopping for ice cream at Bruster’s! This is the first cool day we have had all summer. Low 80s F.

  5. Right now, the place that is best for me, is the Illawarra in the state of NSW, Australia, that is where I live. But we have lots of beasutiful places in our area. 🙂
    Because of the pandemic, it is difficult for us to travel very far within Australia. There are several hotspots in Australia, and some Australian states have their borders closed. Overseas travel for a holiday is very much out of the question for us at the moment. 🙁

  6. Beauty all around!

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos, ma! And yes…..thank God for the internet! I’m so glad Mike shared those photos with you. I hadn’t seen them!

  8. Lovely pictures and stories from your family, so nice to see our young children enjoying… especially since the world is going through a big change. Enjoy your week Jan x sending love x

  9. Do I detect a family resemblance in Tania?

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