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Paul Holdorf – Singing Sky Photography


Paul Holdorf posted the following beautiful, eloquent essay on FaceBook today to accompany his wonderful photograph above. Do yourself a favor and take time to live in the scene with Paul and me for awhile. I am still there… in the arms of love and contentment.

No further comment from JanBeek necessary. Just savor Paul Holdorf’s creativity. <3

“I can’t help but wonder what life was like for the occupants of this home. One might at first say that life sure is easier now, but is it? To be sure, it was a hard life, but it must be so rewarding to directly benefit from hard work. Very few things had to be purchased. Most things were made from whatever was available. A hard days work did not have to be converted to cash in order to benefit the family. The same soil that had to be scrubbed out from under fingernails, when properly tilled and watered, grew food for the table. It also grew food for the livestock that in turn also provided sustenance for the inhabitants of this home. As I stood there, I could hear the life that once resided here. A chair scraped on the rough wood floor as Dad got up to go make sure all was well outside before darkness settled in. The children helped clear chipped and faded dishes from the table as Mom brought in a pale of water to rinse things off. There was enough light left for several hours of exploration, so soon the distance sounds of laughter blended in with the clanking of dishes and the splash of dirty dishwater being thrown out the open door. Next to the door, in the corner of the room, stood an old broom, patiently waiting to remove the gravelly evidence of an evening well played. Later, after the children were all played out and tucked into a crowded bed, a silhouette could be seen in the warm light of the setting sun. Out in the yard, next to the swing hanging from a tree, a tired but fulfilled couple sat on an old log bench with their arms around each other. She leaned her head on his strong shoulder, and he thankfully leaned his head over hers. They watched the golden light dip behind the distant mountains and spread a blanket of oranges and reds over the high mountain valley much like the bedspread that would soon bring warmth and comfort to this couple. They work hard, they sleep when the sun sleeps and rise with it in the morning but it is a good life. Nothing is wasted, and everything is wisely used. I walk away from my daydream as they drift off to sleep. Stars begin to twinkle and an owl calls from its roost out in the forest. Rest and rejuvenation fill weary bodies with readiness for the next day, when they’ll do it all over again with joy and contentment in lives well lived.”

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    • Thank you so much! I will go see what’s involved in accepting it. As you might have noticed on my blog site, I have trouble knowing how to get the picture to show with the award on the blog’s margin. Anyway… I thank you for the affirmation!

  1. Sunny De said:

    What a beautifully written description of that photo….ahhhhhh 🥰

    • Thank you, De, for visiting and taking a moment to comment. Yes, I agree with you… it is a beautifully written essay. <3

  2. just wow! that photo is absolutely stunning……….it makes me want to jump through to experience it.

  3. Beautiful essay from Paul. His photograph reminds of seeing abandoned farm houses left in eastern Montana from the 1920s and 1930s. Those who survived the lean years with drought and low prices managed to find their way after World War II.

    • Yes, Richard, we still have those old abandoned houses along the trails we enjoy on our ATV in the Tobacco Root Mountains. They will one day be a thing of the past. Just in the decade we’ve been four-wheeling we have seen them deteriorating.

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