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Where is Happiness?



I hope the link above will take you to this very inspiring post. In the face of a world-wide pandemic, our lives seem at peril. Our world is changing. So many events are being cancelled. We’re told not to shake hands and to keep our distance from others. We’re worried about whether we might be carrying and spreading the Coronavirus. The National Basketball Association just cancelled future games until further notice. Tom Hanks & his wife are filming in Australia and they just found out they have the virus.

We can live in faith or fear. The choice is ours. Be prudent. But, be positive, too. Choose happiness – and make that contagious! Go up and click on that link. It’s just what I needed to see/hear tonight.

God bless you.

See ya tomorrow.

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  1. Great video, Mom! I’m sorry to read about Tom Hanks and his wife! Hopefully they will both beat the virus! And yes, way too many events are being cancelled. My Amsterdam trip is probably not happening 😢 But I need to stay positive!!!

  2. This is a great lesson. Thanks Jan. ☺

  3. That was a lovely link.

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