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Feeling pleased when I step off the scale
I see that I am the “Biggest Loser”
At my TOPS group this week.
I have “Taken Off Pounds Sensibly.”

Now, the trick is to keep those pounds off!
I have yo-yoed up 5 or 6 and down again
For about a year now… and it’s discouraging!
My body seems to like where it is, but I don’t!

I have a goal weight to return to …
And when I reached it, I was the queen
Queen of the Montana State TOPS Club.
I felt good and fit my clothes better.

Why is it that I can gain 3 pounds in a week
And then it takes three months to take them off?
Do any of you have that trouble, too?
At 5’0″ the weight goes right to my tummy!

I want to earn the “Best Loser” trophy weekly
Until I regain that goal weight position…
And then I want to KEEP IT OFF!!
Do you have any tricks that work for you?

Happy today…
Up tomorrow?

Keep it off!!!!

See ya later.
Jan ;o)

Comments on: "How Do You Stop Yo-Yo-ing?" (7)

  1. Congratulations 🎉 🏆

  2. Who would want to be consistently termed the biggest loser? 🙂

  3. Hang in there Jan. Time, discipline, and patience. My last A1C test showed a slightly higher level so I have been diligent with cutting my daily carbs by about 15%. I have remained very dedicated to my exercise regime. God’s peace!

    • Thank you. It’s the exercise regime that’s lacking here. Gotta rev up the self-discipline! Thanks for the encouragement.

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