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Let’s see a warm smile –
It will warm your heart and mine.
It reflects kindness.

Kindness is in you.
This is SO worth repeating –
Let your kindness out!

Like the morning sun,
Kindness can hide behind clouds.
The Son overcomes!

Look for openings
Where God’s Light can shine through you.
Kindness is SON RISE!

Happy SONday!
I remembered SPRING UP
and turned my clocks ahead an hour.
Did you?

Time to get ready for church.

See ya later.

Comments on: "Smile!" (5)

  1. Yes we remembered to go to church. It is our fuel for life! Great sermon today about carrying the weight of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Talked about the paralytic man and the friends who carried him to Jesus. The Bible says when He (Jesus) saw their faith, He said to the man thy sins are forgiven thee. So we need to carry each others burdens. Be blessed my friend. ♡

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    • Thank you. You do bless me with your visit, your response, your sermon notes, and your love. Happy SONday!! 🥰


      • Happy SONday my fellow Christ Christ follower and sister in Him. God bless! Going to visit my son and his new dog. Didn’t want to share my adult children’s pictures yet until I ask them. I have 2 biological daughters and 1 son. Then my 2 bonus daughters. God is good. Beautiful day for a visit. May the SON shine on you!🙂


  2. Amen to that…no words needed.

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  3. SONday – I love that. 😊

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