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Sky Writing

The day began in wondrous splendor

With a sky of amazing hue

It carried on until the evening

Mixing gray with white and blue.

The sunrise was super amazing

Grab the camera! Catch the gleam!

Find the Angels in formation

Rays extend in glorious beam.

You might wonder at the Master

Who created all we see.

How’d He come up with these paintings

That He shares with you and me?

This is the scene from our friend Bernie’s hospital room.

Between feathers, Bob & nurses,

There’s a scene that can’t be beat;

Ain’t this a Super way to stay off your swollen feet?

Good night, my friends.
See ya tomorrow.
Keep our buddy, Bern, in your prayers.

Comments on: "Sky Writing" (8)

  1. Beautiful images, wonderful poetry. May God grant Bernie a speedy recovery,

  2. Prayers for Bern. And ones of thanks for friends like you!

  3. Sunny De said:

    Beautiful skies! 😯 But poor Bernie! I hope he feels better soon so he can go home!

    • Yes, we hope so too, but not too soon. Lexi’s in AZ at an art show and he needs this daily professional care. And the three square meals a day! He’s where God needs him now!

  4. Beautiful pictures. My bonus daughter, who was just baptized, came in the house last week with a picture she took of the sky. The sun was streaming through the clouds, it truly was beautiful. She said …”look mom, God is talking to us through the cloud.” I believe He is talking to us….are we listening? May the Lord heal your precious friend. Sending you love. ♡ God bless my friend.

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