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Words Can Be Such Fun!

A place where women curl up and dye. 

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

The only animal you eat before they are born and after they are dead. 

A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mud with the juice squeezed out. 

Photo by Daniel on Pexels.com

Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation. 

Cold storage.     

Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.   

An insect that makes you like flies better.  

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A doctrine fostered by a delusional,  illogical minority.    

A grape with a sunburn.     

A story you tell to one person at a time.  

A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.  

Photo by Chris J Mitchell on Pexels.com

A pain that drives you to extraction. 

One of the greatest labor-saving devices of today. 

An honest opinion openly expressed.     

Something other people have … similar to my character lines.  


I very quietly confided to my friend that I was having an affair.
She turned to me and asked, “Are you having it catered?”
… and that, my friend, is the definition of ‘OLD’!

And just in case you wondered,
NO, by the way, I am not OLD!
80 is the new 40…
Didn’t anybody tell you??

Think young!

Have fun with words and ideas.
See ya tomorrow!

Comments on: "Words Can Be Such Fun!" (17)

  1. The “old” one is hilarious. Thanks for the smile.

  2. Oh Jan, those are brilliant! I smiled all the way through and laughed out loud at the ‘affair’ one. 😂 That sign with the bull on it would be most appropriate to hang outside our House of Commons! 😁
    A great start to my day. ☺

  3. Thank you for the chuckles this morning Jan… I loved the EGOTIST one… 🙂 there is alot of it around …. 🙂
    Take care and Much love <3

  4. Good fun, Jan. 🙂

  5. Sunny De said:

    I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and thought “Damn, I’m getting old!” When you work surrounded by 20 somethings it’s not good on your ego but character is so much more important than outside appearances. I’m beautiful on the inside! 😄

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