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Running Low

Are you running low?
Finding energy is scarce?
Go to your refuel.

Where’s your refuel place?
Is it visiting a friend?
I did that today.

Took time to converse
With a compassionate soul.
Did a world of good!

“Refuel” is a place
On the web by Bayside Church.
It’s one place to fuel.

Refuel by blogging.
Refuel by singing a song.
Refuel by walking.

It’s necessary;
Self-care’s a priority
Not a luxury.

If you’re out of gas,
You can’t help others or YOU.
STOP, rest, breathe and PRAY.

Let God fill you up
With His compassionate love.
It’s better than gas!

Have a Happy Wednesday!
See ya tomorrow.

Comments on: "Running Low" (8)

  1. I love your wisdom, especially as I feel I need to refuel.

  2. Gosh, this was SO GOOD and very timely. I tend to deplete myself but have learned the importance of filling up – especially through quiet time with the Lord. Thanks for this excellent post🙏🏻🎄.

  3. Jan, thank you for reminding me to fuel up. There are so many ways to raise ourselves up when we are feeling low. God’s peace!

    • Yes there are. What’s your favorite refueling method?

      • Exercise is a big one, whether walking or pedaling my indoor bike. Walking clears my mind, and biking pumps up the ancient athlete which still hungers for a challenge. But biggest of all, spending time with God’s Word fuels my soul.

      • I need to take a clue from you, Richard. I have a recumbent bike in the guest room downstairs. I need to go and use it!! But, like you, God’s Word is my first refueling station each morning. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Have a Happy Thursday!

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