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Drama, Conflict & Stress

Set Boundaries

In my conversation with my friend over lunch yesterday, she reminded me that I need to set boundaries. She suggested that if there is too much drama, conflict or stress in my life, it is because I have not set my own boundaries. I have allowed those elements to invade my peace.


Do you have drama, conflict, or stress in your life? Is there a way to eliminate those negatives and invite only positives in my life? What choices do I have?

Sometimes the stress and drama come from family, dearly beloved family. Does setting boundaries mean I should eliminate them from my life? Would that make me happier? Does having a cozy home, good food, and limiting my contacts to only “Happy People” mean I would have a better life?

No, my choice is to love those family members unconditionally – and invite them into my “cozy home” and share with them my “good food” and if they are not “happy people,” then pray that my patience, generosity, and love offered unconditionally can bring them some joy.


Sharing what we have is what the “Christmas Spirit” is all about. You may not be able to eliminate the drama, conflict, and stress in your life. Not unless you want to alienate those people God has placed in your life … those people who create troublesome circumstances in their own lives as well as yours.

Is that what Jesus teaches? Only deal with happy people? Is that what He did? Think about it.

What do you think?

Let me hear from you!

See ya later!

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  1. Wow! I needed this Jan! It’s hard sometimes when it comes from family. We have to learn to pick and choose our battles, and say no to some things when we know it will cause anger. Very necessary for our own good mental health!

    • I am not sure I have mastered the art of “no” yet. That’s why my friend talked to me about boundaries. But PEACE and the art of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE are more important to me than my own comfort. I really want to be more like Jesus!

  2. I have two words in reply to this blog entry: Just love. 🥰

    • So right! “Loving One Another” is what my blog is all about. Sometimes I challenge myself and my readers with scenarios that make “Just Love” more difficult than other times. Ideas on how to “Just Love” are always welcomed! God bless you!

  3. One of the elements of stress I have learned to discard is the thought that I must always do something to resolve others’ problems.

  4. Been looking for you for a hot minute. Another family oriented like mind 😁

  5. Jan, I agree with your faithful witness. We are called by Jesus to love one another. Life will sometimes come to us with drama, conflict, and stress . . . but Jesus will lead us to find peace in our hearts. God’s peace!

    • Peace to you, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting JanBeek and leaving your comment. I appreciate you!

  6. Setting boundaries isn’t always easy especially with family. When people aren’t used to you setting boundaries they can put up a fight to get you to change your stance.

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