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Tenacity Defined

Gracie is Tenacity Defined. We all need such role models!
Check her out:

Look and see what an amazing person Gracie is.
I met her her in Ennis, Montana. She and Peter live in our Madison Valley.

And look for her husband, Peter, while you are checking out Gracie.

He is an amazing person, too.

Regardless of our hardships, we CAN survive and thrive.
It takes tenacity – a bucketful of it – like Gracie’s.
And someone’s hand to hold!

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Hold on!
Have a good night.
See you tomorrow.

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  1. Inspirational.

    • Yes, Derrick. I find Gracie & Peter to be a very inspirational couple. He’s the one who accompanies her on the piano…. and in life!

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