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The Lion in Me

Hello, Sir Lion!
I feared you had gone away.
Welcome to today!

Miss Kitty out here
Threatened to take me over
While you stayed hidden.

I’m glad you appeared
To help me face challenges;
Today’s full of them.

My To-Do List

  • Finish cleaning that darn office
  • Go up in my sanctuary; worship and consult with God
  • Figure out what to put in our suitcases and pack ’em
  • Fix and eat a healthy breakfast
  • Go downtown and buy hostess gifts
  • Confirm our flights and choose our seats
  • Leave a list of helpfuls for the folks who’ll be in our house
  • Visit shut-ins
  • Go to Bell Choir Practice
  • Fix and eat dinner
  • Clean up the kitchen and dust the house
  • Get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s long travel day

Take strength and courage
From Mr. Lion in me.
Tackle those To-Do’s!

Have a productive day, my friends.
I’m headed into that darn office.
Can’t have it looking so messy
when our family arrives for Thanksgiving.
Do you have a room like that at your place?

See Ya Later!

Comments on: "The Lion in Me" (9)

  1. Don’t work too hard, ma! Nobody cares except you if there are piles around the place. Good luck getting your last minute tasks accomplished. Have a safe flight tomorrow! I love you!

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  2. Happy travels. I loved the poem and the picture was so reflective of that wonderful lion that exists in all of us.

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  3. Elaina Colby said:

    I wish I could pop on over and help with that office. But I agree with De! Don’t worry about it and don’t work too hard. Rest up for your long trip! Love you 🙂

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  4. My office is part of the entrance hall. I just hope everyone walks past the desk without looking 🙂

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