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Go Mark Up Your Bible

It’s okay to write
All over the Bible page
Try on the scriptures

Let them show to you
The messages of your heart
Picture the sunset

Remember goodness
Take the righteousness and truth
Take light from God’s love

Make your face to shine
On the pages of scripture
Carry His statutes

Give thanks to the Lord
His love endures forever
Rejoice and be glad

It’s another day
To mark a fav’rite scripture
It’s OK. Take joy!

Go sing a new song!

Sing with the angels!
He has done marvelous things!
I’ll see ya later.

Comments on: "Go Mark Up Your Bible" (5)

  1. Singing with the angels!!! A lovely thought! I perceive someone will inherit a beautiful treasure one of these days from your doodlings! (A long way off though!) 😄

  2. An excellent advocacy for something I would have seen as sacrilege 🙂

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