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Today I Am Grateful

Each morning, just before I leave my sanctuary and head down the stairs to tackle the new day, I write in my Thankfulness Journal. It reminds me to begin each day with an Attitude of Gratitude.

So, as this page in the journal suggests, I do just that… I take about 5 minutes to reflect back on the day before… and I write down three things for which I am grateful. Sometimes I can’t stop at three (I’ll squeeze in 4 or 5), and other days (like last week when I was so annoyed at the persistent hacky cough), I can only think of one thing… “Life.” But, always there is SOMETHING for which to be thankful.

Here are the two pages for last week’s entries:

Yes, even if it is “just life itself,” there always is a reason for Gratitude

Every month or so, there is a page for reflection – a question to ponder. Today, the page said, “today i am gratetful” and the page across from it invited me to write about a place I am thankful I had the opportunity to visit.

Think about how you would respond to such a prompt. Tell me a place for which you are grateful.

When thinking about a place, this is what came to my mind:

Forget the edited “the” – I fixed it…
It belongs before “beautiful” – or not at all.
Do you edit and re-edit your work, even in a journal?
I don’t usually, but I don’t usually take a picture of it, either!

Yesterday I worked at the Food Bank. The shelves were mighty bare. It’s because some folks are getting ready to replace the worn out carpet in there. I am grateful for the Food Bank, for those who donate food and those who donate time, for those who donate money and those who Care and Share in a ton of ways.

Today Bob & I are going to Helena, MT. We have been invited to an AARP Volunteers’ Recognition dinner there. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. It is our privilege to volunteer our time during these “Golden Years” to help those who need it. I am grateful today to Elaine Forsberg who nominated us as “Montana State Volunteers” worthy of mention. We do it for the Glory of the One who blesses us. Giving back is our greatest joy.

What are you most grateful for today?

See ya tomorrow

Comments on: "Today I Am Grateful" (10)

  1. I’m grateful for my new grandson. A nice breeze blowing in from the uplifted window. And for just enough. (Just enough grace, love, peace and joy to get me through another day!)

  2. I’m grateful for my new job, for my mom’s better health, and my best friend’s constant friendship. Life’s awesome!

  3. Thank you and God bless you for thinking of others.

  4. For the peace in my marriage and environment

  5. We all have much to be thankful for in our lives. It is wonderful to send back our gratitude to our Father for his blessings.

    On another note Jan, I have been keeping a journey this month with my daily “Take-Aways.” Thanks again for sharing this idea.

    • Daily “Take-aways” are helpful to me. I’m happy to see you’re adding it to your journal writing. Today mine is “SHARE AND CELEBRATE GOOD NEWS.”

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