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God Hears

Yesterday when I Googled my symptoms, if you read my blog you know that Google said I just need more flowers.

I was busy asking for prayers for healing from this “bug” that attacked my throat and brought on coughing and sneezing spells.

But, God knew Google was right. He sent a friend with flowers!

Fragrant orange sage in sunflowers

There’s nothing so fine
as a friend who comes bearing flowers
right when you need them most!

Friends answer your prayers to God!


A message to my friend:
I am thinking of you
in a special way.
Whenever we’re together
and even when we’re not
Warm and caring thoughts of you
make me smile a lot.

Friends penetrate the “Veil of Illusion”


Friends are in my heart
I ‘m on a “Friends” kick this week
Because I need them!

Where would we be without these?
We all need them – – – all the time!


God bless our friends!


Thank you for visiting.
Your comments and “likes”
make me feel so much better!

You’re an answer to prayer.

See you again soon, dear WP Friends.

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  1. Wow Jan, you have a lovely family 👪… Amazing smile 🌺🌹😊⛄💐

  2. I trust you are improving

  3. I love the quote on being in the position to help. It makes so much sense and reminds me that when I am in that position, I should help.

  4. God bless you with a speedy recovery🙏🏻. You have wonderful friends🌻🌻🌻!

  5. Thank you for your good wishes, “Mama Duck.” Yes, we do have wonderful friends. We thank God for them daily… and I appreciate your WordPress friendship, too. Thanks for your visit and time to comment. I am slowly getting rid of these viral cold symptoms. But, the morning cough is hanging on 🙁

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