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Google Your Symptoms

I sniffle and sneeze –
I cover cough and hide my wheeze;
No one needs these bugs.

My husband had it.
He generously shared it.
Thanks a lot, dear Bob!

Told my FaceBook friends-
They offered lots of advice:
Gargle. Honey. Rest.

I have tried them all.
The drippy nose continues.
Please pass the Kleenex!

Friends offer to help.
Invitations are declined.
Don’t want to spread this.

Snuggle up in bed
With the friend who doesn’t care
If you sneeze on him.

My TazE loves me
Whether I am sick or not.
Her kisses are free.

Sometimes I wonder
Where my dog gets all of them.
Wonder who’s kissing her now…

Photo by Ana Francisconi on Pexels.com

Stay healthy, my friends.
Let your best friend comfort you.

Hang in there!!
Send prayers and flowers!
See ya later.

Comments on: "Google Your Symptoms" (15)

  1. It’s that time of year. Get well soon.

  2. Get well soon!

  3. I pray you have a speedy recovery!

    Thank God for Google!

    I’ve been researching my symptoms. I believe what I’ve been calling shyness is social anxiety. I exhibit the majority of the described symptoms. I learned that is very common, but I hate that I battle with it.

    • Well, awareness and acceptance are the first steps in the battle toward overcoming. First accept that you may have been designed to be more introverted than extroverted. Thank God that everyone is not gregarious. That would make for a frenetic world, wouldn’t it? Then, after you accept your gift of shyness, thank God for the ways this makes you a better observer. And use those observation talents to slowly reach out when it feels right and safe to do so. Let go the anxiety as you move forward at your own God-given pace. Look for peaceful, compatible reciprocation. It is out there! God bless you! I’m glad the whole world is not made up of sameness!!

      • I’ve been doing some research and I believe that what I have been calling shyness is really social anxiety, which isn’t a good thing. It’s hindering me from walking in who God has called me to be.

      • Well, do any of my suggestions make sense to you? Regardless of what you call it, aren’t some of those ideas viable??

      • I understand what you’re saying Ms JanBeek. My comment was to contribute to your blog post. I was just making a distinguish between shyness and social anxiety because both are different but can seem similar. I thought it was shyness for a long time but it’s much more than that.

      • I will pray for your ability to reduce the anxiety and learn to dip a toe just a little bit at a time into new waters. The anxiety is probably deeply rooted and needs to be understood and confronted in order to be overcome.

  4. Get well soon. That picture with the cattle is a surefire winner

    • Thank you, Derrick. I’m workin’ at gittin we’ll by staying home. Yes, I love that pup’s happy face as he enjoys those kisses!!

  5. Get well soon..Jan..♥️

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