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Tender Place

In today’s Daily Guideposts, contributor Shawnelle Eliasen shared a special moment she had with her “near adult son.” Even though they had experienced some growing gaps and family hurts recently, he invited her to come into the living room and listen to his latest musical creation.

Shawnelle wrote,
“This invitation was everything…
Finally my son invited me into a tender part of his life.
The place where music lives
and creativity runs free.
A gentle place.
A place of peace.”

She thought back to the days when he was young. When his fingers first curled around a pencil and later around a steering wheel. She thanked God for those fingers that now played the beginnings of an original song – and invited her to come along.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Where is your gentle, peaceful, tender place?
What or who shares the place where your creativity runs free?
Who might you invite to enter – to join you there?
Someone who’d love to share your company in that place.

Think about it.

Open your tender place
and let extra love come in.

Thanks for visiting
my “Tender Place” here on WP.

See ya later.

Comments on: "Tender Place" (19)

  1. Jan, a beautiful post! My son plays and composes his own song and I always feel privileged when he asks me to come and listen along to this latest piece as he’s creating it. I realise I’m blessed with many tender places! 😀

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    • Yes, Annika, you are truly blessed! ❤ Thanks for reading and sharing how it touched you. Treasure those days with your son and his music. Mine is a two day drive away… and my daughter is a 24 hour plane flight away. Thank God for internet that helps us connect our tender places! ❤

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  2. A lovely post, Jan

    Liked by 1 person

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