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Be the Friend

My mom always said

“To have a friend, be a friend.”

Friends bring love and joy.

Tell your friends often

They are important to you.

Keep your friendships fresh!

Which of your friends would
Send such a greeting to you?
Who needs it from you?

Send a love letter to a friend today!

I love you ❤️🥰💋

Comments on: "Be the Friend" (10)

  1. Thanks for the reminder and I try to so this often! My friends where near or far, new or old all help me each day because of who they are! God is good, God is always good! 💗

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  2. You had a wise Mom

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  3. Beautiful words of friendly wisdom. Thank you for this reminder

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  4. Thank YOU, Mom, for sending me this lovely reminder! I love you! 💗❤️💗❤️

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  5. Yes, Jan, this is a wonderful reminder.
    Friendships weather the storm. Filled with love sent from above. Thanks for being a friend. 😇🙏💜

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