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Blessings Amidst Tragedy

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My heart is aching
In the midst of mass shootings
National Problem

Crazed shooter

My life is blessed and I am grateful,
But how can I rejoice as others cry?
How do I count my blessings
While watching innocent people die?

My heart aches for the dear ones
Who have needlessly lost loved lives.
This week was a sad time in our country –
Gone are daughters, sons, husbands, wives.

The national problem of violence,
Assault weapons in the hands of the sick,
Makes me want to write or call our leaders
And demand solutions to the issues – quick!

No way should one man in the Senate
Have the right to singularly block
A measure the House of Representatives passed
And sent to be voted on… at least to have a talk!

Gun violence is exacerbated
By the proliferation of guns of war
In the hands of unstable citizens.
It’s got to stop. Tolerate it no more!!!

Universal background checks
Have got to be a must!
Sales of weapons must be given
Only to the folks we can trust!

I’m not against a hunting rifle
And I think handguns have their place,
But magnums with rapid-fire magazines
Are not for ordinary citizens. It’s a disgrace!

My life in rural Montana
Is a sheltered one, I know.
My blessings outnumber my problems
And I live in a loving glow.

But I’m affected by the violence,
By the deaths and hate and crime.
I don’t live in a bubble.
The fears of this nation are also mine.

See ya tomorrow
(God willing)

Comments on: "Blessings Amidst Tragedy" (9)

  1. I, too, was shocked to hear about another mass murder. Ban assault rifles!!! Make it harder to buy guns with background checks! Siiiiiiiigh.

  2. I really regret having to say that America seems to be imploding

  3. You’ve said everything I’ve been thinking. Thank you Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment and affirming thoughts. With the help of God, prayers of the people, and sensible lawmakers, we WILL find solutions to this horrible dilemma.

  4. Lorei Webb said:

    I fully agree! Also, AK47’s and AR15’s should be once again, BANNED!

    • Thank you, dear Lorei, for visiting and leaving a comment. It is gratifying to know you check my blog occasionally. I write for you & DeDe & Laina (my girls!).

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