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Head-on Collision

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This week a young life was lost. Tragically, the brother of a dear friend who goes ATVing with us was killed in a two-car accident right here in our Madison Valley. He worked in our local nursing home. A compassionate, caring, handsome young man with so much to give. All loss hurts, but untimely death is so devastating.

I was looking forward to introducing him to our grandson who is coming from Switzerland next month to live with us for awhile. I know they would have been fast friends.

My heart is hurting. And especially for the family and friends he leaves behind. Pray for his brother, Joe, and the residents and staff at our nursing home, will you? I know they are grieving. I wish I could help.

The following Haiku was prompted by this tragedy:

One moment in time

Never to return again

So treasure each breath


God bless you, my blogging friends. Live in the NOW. Love, Laugh, and treasure one another. Live in love and gratitude. We just never know what each day will bring.


Comments on: "Head-on Collision" (9)

  1. So very sad! The haiku is perfect!

  2. Aw Jan I’m so sorry! Hugs 💗

    • Thank you, DeDe. Prayers help. His name is David Stokes. His two dogs were in the vehicle with him. Both of them were killed, too.

  3. Wow. My condolences to you.

  4. How tragic!!!! 😱 I’m SO sorry, momma 😣😫😥 My heart goes out to his family. At times like this I’m at a loss for words. His family needs support and that comes in the form of a reassuring presence. I wish I could help but sure can’t from way over here. Love and prayers are being sent their way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Prayers to you during this difficult time.

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