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Watch What You Say!

Words are impactful
They last longer than you do
Have consequences

“Be careful with your words.
Once they are said,
they can be only forgiven,
not forgotten.”

-Author Unknown

My words lamented
My friend’s weak immune system
Sorrow for her health

Didn’t realize
That I came across as smug
My immune’s better?

Pow! Ouch! Boomerang!
What you say and do
Also impacts YOU!

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I have heard it said
When you point a finger out
Three come back at you

Maybe this flu bug
Who attacked me Sunday night
Was sent to teach me

You’re not perfect, Jan
Go grab some humility
Don’t knock someone else!

I didn’t mean to…
Impact is often hidden
Never meant to hurt

Four days of the flu
Is enough to wake me up
And teach me this fact:

You better…

“Words are seeds that do more than blow around.
They land in our hearts and not the ground.
Be careful what you plant and careful what you say.
You might have to eat what you planted one day.”


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Lots has been written
Words used to convey meaning
Words sung to inspire

Words are impactful
They last longer than you do
Choose them carefully

Don’t let them give you a back eye!

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See ya again soon, I hope.

Comments on: "Watch What You Say!" (9)

  1. I trust you are better now, Jan. X

  2. Sorry you are having flu issues again. No fun at all. Your post is full of wisdom we all need to think about! Words like water either enrich or erode and destroy!
    (I might have to do a spin-off on that line!)
    Hope all is well with you both soon!

  3. Anonymous said:

    As you have stated in previous posts, our humbleness needs to walk in front of us before we speak.

  4. A beautiful post Jan. Thank you for the reminders and feel better❤️

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