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Quality Friends

Today’s Prompt was:

What qualities do you value most in a friend?

(Couldn’t narrow it down to just one quality!)

Quality friends are plentiful

But you gotta keep in touch

Sparkling Example of Sweetness

You gotta love and hug’em


Celebrate birthdays and such


Show your appreciation


For all they do for you,

Faithful Longevity

And never let their friendship

Thoughtfulness & Sharing

Get away from you.

Consistent Inclusion

Let them know their faith walk

Love & Hospitality

Helps you walk your faith, too.

Genuine Concern

And don’t forget to tell them

Compassion & Companionship

How their integrity influences you.

Patience & Love

Besides integrity and cheerfulness


Their daily contact is a gift!


What qualities of friendship


Give you a daily lift?

Thank you for being my blogging friends!
I appreciate your faithful visits and comments.
Have a lovely weekend!

My niece, Jodie,
and her forever best friend, Melissa,
are coming to spend next week with us.
I can hardly wait!

Comments on: "Quality Friends" (16)

  1. Beautiful!🥰

  2. Oh, how lovely and those million-dollar smiles are the best!

  3. It is no doubt contained in all your photographs but I would add knowing my mind. Have a lovely weekend

  4. Lovely post! Pics of beautiful friends! The best qualities in a friend for me would be, being able to be myself and vice versa.

    • Oh yes, true friends let us be honest with who we are and they are honest to us with who they are, too. No pretenses! 👍🏽❤️

  5. Jan, I appreciate your list of friendship qualities. Life travels much better when we can share its adventures with others.

  6. Friends are indispensable! True friends are like yesterday…no matter how long it has been since you saw them last.

  7. What a beautiful post (((Jan))). You are so sweet. ❤️ I think the way you always take the time to encourage me is such a blessing. Thank you for that gift.

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