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What Jobs?

Today’s JetPack prompt was:

What jobs have you had?

Teacher – 24 years – loved every minute!
1961, Stockton, CA – 1st grade
1962, Germany, Wurzburg Army Base – 1st grade
1963-64, Turlock, Cunningham School – kindergarten
1964-67, Daly City, CA – K, 4th, 7th-8th
1968- 79, Hillsborough, CA – 7th/8th, K, 4th, K-6 summer school
1979-81, Hughson, CA – 1st grade & GATE classes
1982- 99, Ceres, CA – 4th grade, principal (K-8), then…

This is Lorei with me.
She was my first grade student in 1961
when I first started teaching in Stockton
before Bob & I were married.

Like so many of the students
who came after her,
my life is richer because
she has stayed connected all these years.

Teaching is not just a job.
It is a life choice, a passion, a joy!

Some of these dear kindergarteners are my Facebook friends today.
Reach out Ortners, Leslie, Pamela Pon (where are you?), Sean, Kurt, Karen…
You’re all in my heart!

… then, yes, after years in the classroom,
I spent 9 years as a Principal – – – had wonderful colleagues —

The Ceres Unified School District
was a delightful place to work.
I have so many fond memories!

This was a great staff!!

I was invited to try my hand at
working as a mentor to new principals
and as the coordinator for various programs
such as art, new teacher training,
federal and state programs, etc.
So, I went to the district office
as a curriculum coordinator.
It was too far away from the children!
I returned to my first love: the classroom.

I had these little second graders
I picture below here for two years
(as 1st & 2nd graders)…
it was a wonderful way to end a delightful career.

Recognition for a job well done
came in many forms,
but the best is knowing
I made a difference
in the lives of a few children
and maybe helped some of my colleagues
along the way, too.

I enjoyed my life as an educator immensely.
I retired in 1999, but didn’t stop working.
I supervised student teachers for a few years
at Stanislaus State College
before volunteering
for a couple of years
to teach illiterate adults how to read.
Loved doing that! So rewarding!!

But the most important of my “jobs” in my lifetime was:

… wife, mom, homemaker, sister, friend …
Never underestimate the impact
& importance of those jobs!
Take them seriously.
Some people say that there –
-on the home front-
there lies the most important
job of all!!

That photo is the whole Beekman clan
at Bob’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.
I love this photo …
our daughter, DeAna, and her “Swisster” Sylviane,
and our son, Ty, are on the right of this picture next to us.
So, this had to have been around 1984…

And now, volunteering is part of my life …
and those jobs I choose,
like the Senior Center
or the Food Bank,
the Manor (our local nursing home)
or church fellowship hour,
those “jobs”
are what continue to give me
a sense of purpose.

We never stop having jobs – right?

John 6:27

27 Do not work for food that spoils,
but for food that endures to eternal life,
which the Son of Man will give you.
For on him God the Father
has placed his seal of approval.”

What jobs have you had?

Comments on: "What Jobs?" (58)

  1. InspiritedLouis said:

    Your family is beautiful. I work full-time as an accountant. Nowhere near retired!

    • Good for you, Louis!! Math must be your strong suit. It’s the part of my brain that developed last … and not very well! I am in awe of mathmagicians!!

  2. What a wonderful Career Jan… And you were made to be a teacher.. So much Love to Give..
    Jobs… I have had Working in textile Industry for 20+ years from machinist to making first samples of garments in Design working with Designers to sell to retail.. Then Quality Controller, to Supervisor to what was then known as Personnel officer .. To Training Manager.. All within 4 job swaps over 20 + years. Then a complete career change into working with Adults with Learning difficulties and mental health for the next 11 years.. until I retired.. 🙂 Plus bringing up two children, running a home etc…
    Lets not forget the Important JOBs we have had LOL…
    Sending Love and Hugs dear Jan.. Lovely to be back in WordPress and see your lovely post and smiles.. <3

  3. You truly carried about each of your students – and you make the world better by being in t!

  4. Quite wonderful. Memories of you will live on through generations

  5. ALL PLEASUER said:

    Good article, I read it well.

  6. Oh, Jan! I love it! I wish I could’ve 1) been in your class 2) taught with you and 3) have coffee with you NOW! Blessings to you and your sweet family. My jobs~I taught special education, grades k-4, 2nd grade, elementary principal, middle school principal, license bureau title clerk, hotel housekeeper, campground workkamper, volunteer with special needs adults, dog sitter, writer, baby sittter, worked at McDonald’s two years,…now, I’m working full time fighting cancer, writing, and dog sitting. 🥰

    • I wish I could have had those 1,2,3s with you, too, Karla. Thank you so much for your beautiful response! What a wonderful, varied set of jobs you’ve had! Ah, yes… I do think we are soul sisters!! 😁

  7. I forgot the most important job~my two sons! I coached archery and softball too lol

    • What an interesting, active life you’ve led … and continue to be a persistent fighter and writer – God bless you, Karla! ❤️🙏🏽

      • Thank you, Jan! I appreciate every experience I’ve had (and your thoughtful comments the most!). God bless you too! ❤️🙏🏻

  8. A wonderful post, Jan. I love all the photos of your teaching career. You had a great ride! I know you were a wonderful teacher and well loved by your sturdents!

  9. I love how you share your heart with us (((Jan))). ❤️ I wish I had a teacher like you….a mom like you….a grandma like you. You are a doll. I love you as a sister, my sister in Christ. Blessings!

  10. Great career

    • Thank you … yes, it was! And I have so many fond memories. How about you, Sa’id? What’s your job?

  11. What a wonderful post! I love learning more about you and your life! 🙏🏻🤍

  12. Gene Bach said:

    I would never have had the patience to be a teacher.

    • I found it easy to be patient with the little ones. I figured they just didn’t know better! But with the middle school ones… that was harder. By then they know exactly what they are doing to push your buttons!!

  13. I wish all teachers had your passion and kindness. I taught grade-2, Jr High Reading and Math, teaching Reading at a learning center (ages 5-adult), computer software developer, Quality Manager, Training Manager (at a large telecommunications company), Process Manager, Adult Curriculum Developer (at a church), and Writer/Editor.

  14. Jan, thank you for generously sharing your journey as an educator. You have so many memories that keep sustaining you each day. During my 40 years in education, I taught high school business education and later middle school computer applications. In addition to my classroom teaching, I also served as an athletic coach (mostly basketball), student council advisor, and even a stint as an activities director for 13 years.

    • Sounds like a wonderful career! Varied, like Bob’s. He was a high school teacher & coach, too, before going in to Beekeeping.

  15. Thank you, Prasann!

  16. 👍❤️

  17. Beautiful memories with Adorable Photos 🤗

  18. Lovely work

  19. Very Good job

  20. Great

  21. berlinlomi said:

    All I can say is inspiring. Thank you for sharing

  22. Beautiful

  23. Well I play football and write poems and stories

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