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Arrived home yesterday
after a long weekend
traveling to a family wedding
in California.

Memorial Day…
A day to remember
those in the military
who died to keep us free.

Big Skies in Montana

O Beautiful for spacious skies,
for amber waves of grain …
(well, not grain, but lovely amber) …
Home sweet home!

For purple mountain majesty…

Above the fruited plain…

California has miles of grape vineyards…
(Talk about a “fruited plain!)

Switzerland has miles of vineyards, too.
This is where our daughter, De, lives in Valais, Switzerland.
All the mountainsides there on the sunny side
are terraced with vineyards!

(We, in America, are not the only
Land of the Free!)

Back home again, we are so grateful
we live in one of the “Lands of the Free!”

America, America,
God shed His grace on Thee!

Thank you to all our veterans
and all the men & women
who died to keep us free.

May God bless them all
as they receive their reward
in heavenly eternity!


This is what Bob looked like when I first met him
(actually I had known him a year before he joined the army).
Anyway, I am grateful that he survived those years in the service.
I am thankful we survived a very stressful trip
to CA and back this weekend…
More about that in the next post.

God bless Bob
and all those who
serve(d) our country.

In the midst of Pentecost Sunday,
baptisms and weddings,
picnics, and travel plans,
may we not forget the real reason
for the three day weekend!

Rest in Peace, dear ones!
God bless you all!
Happy Memorial Day!

Love to you,
and hugs, too…

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  1. We are the only species that I am aware of that can protect and destroy this beautiful planet. It’s a disgrace and morally wrong to want to imprison people, steal lands, subjugate others capricious destroy just because we can. Earth is not a playground.

    I am eternally grateful to all who service their country whether in uniform or not, to protect a way of life, a culture that is harmonious with others, respects life, and our religious belief. Let us never forget the sacrifices others have made so I may be permitted to express this opinion. We must always be vigilant and guard against those who would deny us these freedoms.

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