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Silent Saturday

I can’t remain silent
On this day when Christ was killed.
I can’t swallow my sorrow
Though His death was God-willed.

Imagine you are Mary
Arriving at the tomb,
Ready to prepare the body,
Not finding Him in the rock room.

It was Silent Saturday –
Soon to be Sunday morn.
I want to ask someone
Why aren’t His linens torn?

I am speechless,
Sad, confused and alarmed.
The gardener asks me,
“Why are you crying?”

Are you crying, too?
Can you imagine that day
Of horrific persecution?
Seeing Him, what would you say?

Do you understand His sacrifice?
Why did His death bring despair?
Were you, with Mary, among the puzzled?
Did you join His loved ones there?

In a world of pain and sorrow,
In a land of corruption and hate,
Did you travel the road to Golgotha?
Did His death secure your fate?

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday,
A day when loved ones meet.
What is its significance?
Is it the Easter eggs you eat?

If we remain silent,
Even the very rocks will cry out.
Tomorrow we will know
He is Risen. Join me. Let’s shout!

Hallelujah! He is Alive!
Let’s celebrate!!

Sing with me:

Happy “Silent Saturday!”
So much for silence! Hah!


Comments on: "Silent Saturday" (10)

  1. Fran McNeill said:

    He is risen for all of us! Praise God!

  2. Amen! Christ paid the price of my salvation. To Him all the Glory forever and EVER! ✝️

  3. It hurts my heart to think of all He suffered. I do love Him so. ❤️ Good post (((((Jan))))))

  4. The poem is spot on, Jan. Happy Easter to you too

  5. Amen! The Resurrection breathes inside of us each and every day!

    • Indeed, we breathe that resurrection message daily, Richard. It’s an important one to keep front and center! <3

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