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A Bustling End

The last two days of our marvelous three week trip to Switzerland were a bustling, busy, blessed time. Our daughter, DeDe, and her hubby, André, treated us royally with a trip to Chamonix, France on Monday and then a tour of the Gruyère Cheese Factory in Gruyère, Switzerland on Tuesday.

Up, up, up and over!

That’s the Rhone River Valley below.
We were headed through Switzerland to France.
It was a surprise gift for us
plus De’s best buddy, Laina (our daughter#2),
and her daughter, Katy.

Look at this chalet next to ours.
We stayed in one named “Soli.”
(That’s De’s hubby’s nickname)
Enjoy the views out of every window!

See the snow covered peaks up there? We took a cog train up to that glacier!!

After settling into our beautiful chalet,
we walked to the place where the cog train (tram)
took us up to the top of the high peaks
where the glacier is.
With climate change, it is melting fast!

Here are Laina, DeDe & Katy –
taking the tram up to the glacier
that you could see from that first window view.
Bob with Laina & Katy at the glacier.
Here’s a live view of that trip up in the tram to the glacier…

That night we were treated to a phenomenal dinner.
My choice was veal with mushroom sauce. Mmmmm!
Thank you, De & Andrê.

We’re so grateful for their love of us and one another
… and their generosity!

Tuesday morning we drove back
up and over the mountains into Switzerland
to another surprise destination:
the town of Gruyere.
Gruyere is our favorite cheese.
How fun to see the place where it is made!

Wow! Look at the gruyere cellar where the rounds are aging!
De is showing us how heavy a round of gruyere is!

Tuesday night we returned to De & Andre’s chalet in Vissoie.
We packed, and prepared to go to Geneva to fly home.
Wednesday was supposed to be a smooth set of flights home.
However, with the Queen’s Procession,
our flight to London was delayed,
so we missed our connecting flight from Denver
and had to spend the night there.
This morning we finally made the flight to Bozeman
where our kind neighbor, Gary, met us and drove us home.
It’s a gray, dull, cool day …
not like the warm, blue sky days of Switzerland.
We’re spoiled!
But our hearts are filled
with the beauty and warmth
of our fabulous trip.

The rolling hills and milk-producing cows of the Gruyere area.
Here’s the fun of cheese fondue
and having our grandson, Nick, join us.
Our 3 grandsons & their sweethearts
were with us for so many fun and delicious occasions.
What a joyous three weeks we had!
Goodbye, France and Switzerland… thanks for the memories!

Thanks so much for traveling with us.
Back to reality in Montana now.
(Not a bad place to return to –
just a little smokey and cool right now)

Our house is behind those trees.

God bless you, family & friends.
We love you. 😍😘

See ya tomorrow –
Hugs, JanBeek

(of course God is willing, Laina!!)

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  1. Elaina Colby said:

    It was definitely a trip to remember. We were so fortunate to spend the time with you! We have so many wonderful memories to cherish. I’m glad you’re finally home. Time to cool it!

  2. Awesome photos. I love beautiful Montana and hope to visit Switzerland one day.

  3. We are so blessed that you all were able, and willing!, to make the long voyage here to help us celebrate Mike and Tania’s wedding. We love you all so very much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I’m so pleased you both made this XX

  5. What a wonderful trip you’ve taken us on! Thank you for sharing and letting us make memories, too. Glad you are safely back home. 💜

  6. HI Jen,
    What a wonderful vacation! It is such a blessing that you got to spend time with family in such a heavenly place.
    And you are returning to another heavenly place! Enjoy the return1
    Thank you for sharing all the gorgeous pictures and stories!

  7. What a wonderful journey you had with your family, Jan. Such beautiful photos of family and places to see. So glad you could be with them. Lots of great memories!

  8. Jan, you and Bob experienced an amazing three weeks. Thank you for sharing so many thoughts, photographs, and short videos. As you settle back into life’s routines at home, continue to cherish many treasured memories.

  9. Such precious memories to treasure, of a wonderful family wedding.

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